Sunday, December 22, 2013

Is anyone having trouble with Windows 8 or 8.1---hell, I am!

Before my crazy jack Russell destroyed mu computer, I was happily working with it using Windows 7. When I received my new (Samsung) computer, it had Windows 8 on it and then the issues began. They got even worse when I installed the 8.1 version that was offered free. It cut out all the time and I had problem after problem until it crapped out completely. I rang the people who had fixed me up re the insurance part of the deal and they reinstalled the Windows 8 version and fixed, they hoped a few other issues. Once gain, things went haywire and it was only rather a huge effort on the part of my very smart nephew, Tim, that things returned to some sort of normally. We stopped using Internet Explorer as my browser and tired Firefox. Even then I still had problems and we then used Google Chrome. That worked better and now the only real issue (apart from the reuter disengaging from time to time) is that the damn clock will not stay set with the correct time. Buggered if I know  what to do. I feel like ringing my insurance company and saying---take this stupid computer back and give me a cheaper one that works or is it that the real problem is with Windows 8?!
In your 'helpful replies, please do not get too technical, cause I won't understand a bloody word. I shall just convey your polite suggestions to my nephew and possibly to the computer company that has tried to be so helpful. Go and download ROSKILL on your Kindle before you reply. Get it from my website. Hopefully all of you will get a new Kindle for Xmas. 

The Power of 'One'---smile!

I am sure you have all seen what happens when you smile at someone. I am doubly sure that if more of us did it, the world would be a better place, even if for a fleeting moment. my dear old mum used to say that 'a smile is powerful.' So many times in my life that has proven to be so wonderfully true.
It works at work, with a grumpy teenage student, who walks past me with a look that tells me the 'world is on their shoulder.' I smile and say, 'Hi.' Their demeanour often changes from despondency to the beginnings of e better day. It works.
Take this morning, when I was turning out from a car park. I caught a guy crossing the road, not in a 'crash' sense; but my move surprised him, drawing a look that could only have been interpreted as, 'You silly bugger,' or something worse. I responded by waving and smiling in that sort of, 'I'm sorry, I didn't see you,' manner. He smiled in return and the world was returned to the equilibrium that I had started the day off with.
Is the smile the 'cure-all' that we we so desperately seek? NO---but it is a damned good beginning. Substitute it for the throw away insult; for the angry response that comes out of nowhere, or a physical reaction. A smile costs nothing, it hurts no one and it is contagious.
How many smiles would it take, not just in this so-called 'season of goodwill,' but every day, to help change one person's day? Does it not follow that if even only half of the recipients of a genuine smile passed that on, that the flow on effect would ripple through a community?
OK, you say, 'But what if I don't feel like smiling? I don't want to cover up when I feel bad or down.'
I am not suggesting that we all go about with this fixated foolish smile plastered on our collective faces----NO, but I am saying that  it doesn't hurt to spread a little hope, because that is what a smile is--a reaching out to someone else, building a sense of being part of a community, no matter how big or small.
So, next time you come upon someone, try it---smile and see what happens. If it doesn't result in an immediate response, try again with the next person. Of course, walking down the main street of town or in a huge shopping mall may present a slightly different result, but use the smile when you can.
Merry Xmas, everyone, I say with a huge smile!
Merry Xmas from Perdy.

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