Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Launching 'Talk To Me'---online!

We are almost at the point of launching Talk To Me,' online. I want an event and this is what I have come up with. (Well my sister did, actually) I would love to have a picnic, down at the Bay where it all began. naturally, dogs will be welcome so the food part may have to be 'creative.' How about I publicize the 'event' once I have a date, organize a bit of food and maybe some sponsorship from one of the dog food giants! (Send this to anyone you think is 'connected.') I need some ideas to make it fun! I can see people coming, with their 'technology' to do a mass download. It is not a costly exercise. Downloads from Amazon are usually very cheap---like US$3 or so. Maybe someone can sing a song---lol----not me! Perdy of course (who stars in the book as SPOT!) HAS volunteered, that is if I can get her to stay in one place for more than a moment. It may not be possible for some to download at the park, but they can still be part of the fun and 'do it in the privacy of their own homes.' OK---Some people will want hard copy of 'Talk To Me, ' but that will happen at a later date. Please send me your ideas and perhaps indicate if you would like to attend such an event---even 'remotely---from afar---in another country. ANYTHING is possible now! Cheers Neil (and Perdy (SPOT!)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Talk To Me----not long to wait now.

The wait is almost over for the launch of the eBook version of Talk To Me. The book will be available on Amazon, initially as the download version (Kindle or reading AP, then perhaps later as hard copy. A great deal of work has gone into this launch, a process that I am becoming familiar with, so much so, that nay future book should have a few less 'hooks. 'I am tossing u0p options re the launch; it is quite different to gathering people for a hard copy launch----I have asked for some ideas, but so far nothing strikes me as being 'right for Talk To Me.' Somewhere---way back in the dark recesses of my mind, an idea is forming re calling upon a 'friendly' talk-back host to come to the party, but my limited circle of influential friends does not quite stretch to such illustrious personages! Anyone have an idea for an introduction? I would like to have a bit of fun--after all, the book is not meant to be taken too seriously. It is not political, or meant to be an entirely accurate reflection of 'talk back radio,' although some in the industry may have reason to 'cringe' when they read it! OK---we are 'weeks' a way now from the launch. I shall keep you posted. Lets get this one done and dusted, then I can start on the massive task of getting Sons of Orpheus' edited and worked on. That is going to be a challenge that needs to be funded, so get on and download Talk To Me once it is out there.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia-----download my book(s)

I am pleasantly surprised to see how many people in France, Russia, Germany and Ukraine, are reading my blogs. Now I would love to observe thousands of downloads for my book, Roskill. In a few weeks you will be able to download 'Talk To Me.' my latest book. If you like two very different styles, check them out. Go to my website and follow the link. Roskill is a story that is representative of every country, where people turn to a dark side of life to alleviate pain and suffering, or maybe they are just bored. In New Zealand we call that substance they turn to----'P,' in Australia----Ice. You may know it as Methamphetamine. What would you do if a family member, or a friend enters the world of 'P,' becoming someone you no longer recognize? Roskill tells the story of a family who are faced with difficult choices. Roskill is a story of hope, a story and book that every parent should read---you know---when you say---'do as I say, not what I do!" Go and check it out! www.authorneilcoleman.com

Sunday, February 14, 2016

'Talk To Me' is virtually finished!

Yes, the revamp for the Ebook version of Talk To Me is almost ready for release. I only need to approve the changes, cover and write a short 'author Bio' and it will go to the next step. I am most thankful to Martin Taylor for his expertise and understanding of my ineptness when it comes to the 'techie' things! Hey----who out here, would like to help celebrate the launch when it all comes to fruition?! LOL---It will need to be cheap, so the accent will be on 'creativity and fun!'

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

'Talk To Me,' is just around the corner!

No, I am not trying to 'pick you up!' No, I am not gossiping about who is venturing into pastures that are not for them! I am referring to Talk To Me,' my latest book. It has been around in a previous 'life-form,' but it has undergone extensive 'professional' upgrading. I am now satisfied with the efforts, from a range of people. Having a team of people who know what they are doing makes all the difference. I just wish I had them on board way back! There will be an online launch and at some stage, Talk To Me will be available in hard copy. Keep an eye out for details of the launch. Yes---you can keep downloading Roskill or get hard copy through me. neilcolemanauthor@gmail.com

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Russia's foreign policy is a refreshing change----really?!

There are mnay 'out there' who are putting Putin on a pedestal, because he is standing up to the traditional 'big boys' in the west; because he is making a stand on issues that are close to the hearts of those who hate big business and the military industrial complex, because he is 'dealing' to ISIS. I am sure you could add to the list. I ask you to consider if he is really any different to Obama, Trump, big business leaders who are tied up with politicians in the west and yes---even in China---it just goes by another name in the latter---the Communist party. People, power, politics, money----it all comes down to CONTROL. I have a jaded view of all of the above. Take it to an even more extreme, and look at the weirdness of North Korea---you know---the Democratic----- whatever that fool calls his country! So before you jump into the assumption that any one leader has the answers, just fall back to the position the humans and their need for power, supersede all the models, that academic spend so much of their time on. It is always the little people who pay the price. Bugger---I am off to my garden. It's far easier to pull weeds than to understand those power freaks. May a million plastic dicks---(NZers will understand that!) descend upon them. Damn---I feel better now!