Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cyber bullying can reach huge numbers of kids

‘Cyber bullying’ is receiving quite a bit coverage in the media lately. We hear that young people are self-harming and worse as a result of this nasty practice. The cowards who hide behind ‘caller unknown’ and various other disguises are causing massive damage to their peers. They do not understand the ramifications of their activities and if they do then they are acting in a criminal manner.
The practise of gathering up the gossip of the day about fellow students and sending it on to huge numbers of recipients is a fact of life in many schools and then this goes way beyond the boundaries of the school or suburb.
For some students, reading about their ‘private activities,’ in this way, the results can be devastating. Being a teenager has always been a difficult task but with the new technology and its availability, one shudders at the possible damage our young people face. Most kids are potential victims if they own a cell phone and who doesn’t.
The initiatives to bring about discussion on the issue of ‘cyber bullying’ is overdue and by the time we get some real understanding, the methodology will have ramped up a notch or two. We can’t afford to wait around and pontificate. Things are moving too fast for us. Parents, for God’s sake, keep that dialogue door open to your children. If you think your kids are the subject of these cruel messages, seek out help at your local school.