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Assad of Syria likens killing his people to surgery--sick!

The President of Syria is a demented idiot and an embarrassment, not just to his nation but to the medical world from which he came.
He claims that his actions against the ‘rebels’ are something like he would do in a messy surgery. I suppose he then goes home to ‘smell the roses,’ his beautiful ex British wife.
It is true that his country is a mess, but is that not one of his own making? Wouldn’t it be better that he leaves the ‘room,’ so that others can clean up his mess?
He was of course wrong in his description of his suffering country. He should have called his actions those of a supervisor of a ‘slaughter house. Leave - Assad and take your flower and weeds with you--- your family and your fellow criminals.

I can't be serious all the time so----

I have written quite a few blogs this week about our ‘kids’ and our endangered educations system, so I thought that a little light relief is in order.  What am I going to write about? --- Well my Jill Russell of course.
You may have been aware of the complaints I received about my dog, and how she has a propensity to get some of my neighbours going. She is one of quite a few dogs who love to let the world k now that they are alive and well, but after the first (don’t forget it was anonymous) letter shoved in my letter box in the dead of the night, I decided to take some action--- no not against the mystery pain in the ass---- Ooops that’s not nice. It’s not that person’s fault that they don’t enjoy canine singing.
I took Perdy to work a few days but it was a bit wet in the yard where I was storing her between visits to my office to ‘counsel’ the students. It rained and the little kennel I brought for her nearly floated away with her in it, so it was back home until we can get a bigger dry area in the caretaker’s yard. He’s doing that for me this weekend. What a cool guy. His kids love to play with Perdy before they go to school.
Back to the anonymous complainer--- well I had to agree with her, (We think we know who it is but can’t be sure. If I go and ask her she may ring the police and say I am harassing her--- mustn’t have that) 5am is not everyone’s cup of tea. Perdy had escaped through the cat door that day and set up a crazy manic barking at a cat, she could barely see in the darkness. It was probably our cat too. Shsssss---- Don’t tell the complainant that!
Naturally, this time the letter arrived, stuck in my gate, directly targeting the culprit--- me---- because I am a person and Perdy can’t read---- yet. I thought---fair cop. It was out fault this time and no other dog was barking or cavorting at that hour of the morning. It’s a wonder that her barking didn’t set the other lot up too.
What I wish would happen, is that the unknown person would face up and tell me, so that I could make amends and tell her what I am doing to solve the problem. In the meantime, other neighbours are going out of their way to let me know that they were not the ones complaining. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if they did—at least I would know who I was dealing with. It’s all about communication--- that’s probably what Perdy is doing with all of her noisy antics.
I am doing my best and I don’t want to have to run away with Perdy to London or anywhere else. I shall restore peace to my neighbourhood; at least in as much as to what Perdy is causing. I believe in good neighbourliness and I am sad that the lady who ‘may’ have complained has sold her house. Surely it is not Perdy’s fault. I mean--- does she know that there are no barking dogs or fighting cats (you k now what that sounds like) screaming neighbours, ‘P’ houses--- the list goes on. I would rather try to fix the issues in our neighbourhood than run away. Then again, I may be barking up the wrong tree. Mmmm--- maybe there is another ‘phantom letter writer.’ I should have kept both letters and compared the writing--- Dumb eh.

It has to be said----listen up John Key and Paula Bennett!

There is a growing sense of anger in New Zealand at the Government’s hypocrisy, especially from two of its main players. The Prime Minister and Paula Bennett, are both recipients of the ‘State’s generosity.
Key was able to live in a state house; that is a state owned home where his family would have benefited from cheaper, subsidized rent. No one says he wasn’t entitled to that because we still believe that all NZers should have the stability of a safe home to grow up in. It is sad to see that the opportunity he had as a young person is slowly being eroded, as the Government takes the knife out to many sectors of spending.
He is obsessed with ‘balancing the books’ and gives the excuse that our ‘international lenders’ will down-grade us and this will have dire consequences for our economic growth. Even if this did happen, we would still be well ahead of many of our competitors who have national debts way out of kilter to their economies capacities to pay back the debt.
Then we have Ms Bennett, who was able to receive a benefit whilst raising her children as a single mum and train sop that she could better herself. I admire her drive and her desire to fend for herself. How can she then be part of a government that takes away that very same right for others to achieve what she has? I wonder if she tosses and turns at night knowing how so many of us feel about her present stance.
The headlong rush to lighten our debt by slashing our aspirations is appalling and in the long run will be seen as nasty, underwhelming and absolutely devoid of a plan for the future.
I wonder at what advice this Government is receiving at times. Their education policies are just another example of how the Government is hell bound on dismantling something that ‘ain’t broken.’ It is in need of investment, not ‘divestment.’

So good to see you Singapore

Yes, Singapore is nnow part of the reading group. I hope you enjoy my blogs and buy my books once the website is up and running. Welcome.