Sunday, June 3, 2012

It has to be said----listen up John Key and Paula Bennett!

There is a growing sense of anger in New Zealand at the Government’s hypocrisy, especially from two of its main players. The Prime Minister and Paula Bennett, are both recipients of the ‘State’s generosity.
Key was able to live in a state house; that is a state owned home where his family would have benefited from cheaper, subsidized rent. No one says he wasn’t entitled to that because we still believe that all NZers should have the stability of a safe home to grow up in. It is sad to see that the opportunity he had as a young person is slowly being eroded, as the Government takes the knife out to many sectors of spending.
He is obsessed with ‘balancing the books’ and gives the excuse that our ‘international lenders’ will down-grade us and this will have dire consequences for our economic growth. Even if this did happen, we would still be well ahead of many of our competitors who have national debts way out of kilter to their economies capacities to pay back the debt.
Then we have Ms Bennett, who was able to receive a benefit whilst raising her children as a single mum and train sop that she could better herself. I admire her drive and her desire to fend for herself. How can she then be part of a government that takes away that very same right for others to achieve what she has? I wonder if she tosses and turns at night knowing how so many of us feel about her present stance.
The headlong rush to lighten our debt by slashing our aspirations is appalling and in the long run will be seen as nasty, underwhelming and absolutely devoid of a plan for the future.
I wonder at what advice this Government is receiving at times. Their education policies are just another example of how the Government is hell bound on dismantling something that ‘ain’t broken.’ It is in need of investment, not ‘divestment.’

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