Sunday, June 3, 2012

I can't be serious all the time so----

I have written quite a few blogs this week about our ‘kids’ and our endangered educations system, so I thought that a little light relief is in order.  What am I going to write about? --- Well my Jill Russell of course.
You may have been aware of the complaints I received about my dog, and how she has a propensity to get some of my neighbours going. She is one of quite a few dogs who love to let the world k now that they are alive and well, but after the first (don’t forget it was anonymous) letter shoved in my letter box in the dead of the night, I decided to take some action--- no not against the mystery pain in the ass---- Ooops that’s not nice. It’s not that person’s fault that they don’t enjoy canine singing.
I took Perdy to work a few days but it was a bit wet in the yard where I was storing her between visits to my office to ‘counsel’ the students. It rained and the little kennel I brought for her nearly floated away with her in it, so it was back home until we can get a bigger dry area in the caretaker’s yard. He’s doing that for me this weekend. What a cool guy. His kids love to play with Perdy before they go to school.
Back to the anonymous complainer--- well I had to agree with her, (We think we know who it is but can’t be sure. If I go and ask her she may ring the police and say I am harassing her--- mustn’t have that) 5am is not everyone’s cup of tea. Perdy had escaped through the cat door that day and set up a crazy manic barking at a cat, she could barely see in the darkness. It was probably our cat too. Shsssss---- Don’t tell the complainant that!
Naturally, this time the letter arrived, stuck in my gate, directly targeting the culprit--- me---- because I am a person and Perdy can’t read---- yet. I thought---fair cop. It was out fault this time and no other dog was barking or cavorting at that hour of the morning. It’s a wonder that her barking didn’t set the other lot up too.
What I wish would happen, is that the unknown person would face up and tell me, so that I could make amends and tell her what I am doing to solve the problem. In the meantime, other neighbours are going out of their way to let me know that they were not the ones complaining. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if they did—at least I would know who I was dealing with. It’s all about communication--- that’s probably what Perdy is doing with all of her noisy antics.
I am doing my best and I don’t want to have to run away with Perdy to London or anywhere else. I shall restore peace to my neighbourhood; at least in as much as to what Perdy is causing. I believe in good neighbourliness and I am sad that the lady who ‘may’ have complained has sold her house. Surely it is not Perdy’s fault. I mean--- does she know that there are no barking dogs or fighting cats (you k now what that sounds like) screaming neighbours, ‘P’ houses--- the list goes on. I would rather try to fix the issues in our neighbourhood than run away. Then again, I may be barking up the wrong tree. Mmmm--- maybe there is another ‘phantom letter writer.’ I should have kept both letters and compared the writing--- Dumb eh.

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