Monday, May 12, 2014

China--- are you able to access

I hope so, because my book, ROSKILL, is now available  as hard copy and also as a download to your reading App. Do you want to read an authentic New Zealand story? ROSKILL, by Neil Coleman is a tale for our times, an unfortunate one, but also a very funny one at times. Every country has a problem with illegal drugs and the damage done to society is soul-destroying.
What would you do if a family member became involved in the 'underworld of drugs? Who would you turn to if your wife, husband or one of your children became enmeshed in the world of drugs?
ROSKILL  is a book every parent should read so that they can understand what happens when their children see tier parents doing what they tell their children NOT to do. ROSKILL is a story of hope.
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Hopefully someone will reply form China to let me know.
Neil Coleman

New Zealand is having an election this year but so far all we have seen is a circus!

I have ‘survived’ many election cycles in my lifetime; my memories going back as far as the election of the late 1950’s when I remember the ‘Black Budget,’ and the consequent loss by Labour in the following election. I guess I have always been aware of the ‘ups and downs’ re political fortunes; the winners and losers,  but what I find the hardest to stomach is the manner in which politicians ‘take it to one another,’ whereby the biggest loser is honesty and the promulgation of policies.
2014 is shaping up to be an election fought on personalities and insults; on ‘finding the dirt’ on political opponents. Voters are already weary of what they have heard so far. Amongst this there is some policy emerging and it is this that we as voters want to see more of; not the childish never-ending accusations of political graft, influence and name-calling. There can never be a winner in such battles, because the loser is always going to find ways of getting back at those who have thrown the ‘filth’ at them. I know that such actions have always been part of the political battlefield but New Zealand is at a crossroad where we need to look at many serious issues; nit the least being the increasing gap between rich and poor, the effect of climate change and the old perennials like health and education.
How do the stupid scenes we witness every night on TV, whereby various parties are trying to diminish the ‘worth’ of their opponents,’ contribute to a better NZ? They don’t! They are merely diversions from the real questions. It is not too late for our politicians to bring the debate back to something resembling a forum in which  New Zealanders can decide who is best equipped to answer the questions  and address issues that matter.
Let us see a little more dignity in what will be a battle---but let it be a battle of policies, not one that should be consigned to a rubbish bin!

I want a new cell phone---but which one?

Do I want or need a new cell phone? It is easy to say yes, I need one because my present Samsung Galaxy is getting a bit tired. It has been OK, well used but has reached a point where I will need a new battery. Let’s face it the cost of a new battery, is a fair proportion of the cost of a new phone. It has served me well enough and I have not needed many of its features, so when I consider a new one, I suspect that going to the top end of the phones on offer is a waste of time for someone like me. It takes me long enough to familiarize myself with just the basic functions so---well you get the picture. As long as I can talk, text, take pictures, check my emails and a few other functions, I am happy. Hell, a few years ago it was just the first two!
I do not want or need a top of the line phone, so how about you respond with some ideas. IN New Zealand, phones are not cheap, although they have gone down in price. Being a small market is a factor in pricing in NZ.
I saw a write up in the NZ Herald this morning about an LG phone—the L70 that looked good and seemed to have everything I wanted. It has a RRP of NZ$225---I can live with that and this tie I will not be persuaded to get a free one, no matter what the phi=one if that means going onto an expensive contract for two or more years. Last time I did that and never used the data that I received and paid for the phone several times over via the monthly bill. I want to have a cheap contract and from what I have seen, the amount of data etc. that I use should come in at about NZ$30 a month. At present I pay NZ$72 and I just don’t need that.
SO---I am ready to hear your suggestions. Am I on the right track re the LG L760?