Monday, May 12, 2014

China--- are you able to access

I hope so, because my book, ROSKILL, is now available  as hard copy and also as a download to your reading App. Do you want to read an authentic New Zealand story? ROSKILL, by Neil Coleman is a tale for our times, an unfortunate one, but also a very funny one at times. Every country has a problem with illegal drugs and the damage done to society is soul-destroying.
What would you do if a family member became involved in the 'underworld of drugs? Who would you turn to if your wife, husband or one of your children became enmeshed in the world of drugs?
ROSKILL  is a book every parent should read so that they can understand what happens when their children see tier parents doing what they tell their children NOT to do. ROSKILL is a story of hope.
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Hopefully someone will reply form China to let me know.
Neil Coleman

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