Monday, May 12, 2014

I want a new cell phone---but which one?

Do I want or need a new cell phone? It is easy to say yes, I need one because my present Samsung Galaxy is getting a bit tired. It has been OK, well used but has reached a point where I will need a new battery. Let’s face it the cost of a new battery, is a fair proportion of the cost of a new phone. It has served me well enough and I have not needed many of its features, so when I consider a new one, I suspect that going to the top end of the phones on offer is a waste of time for someone like me. It takes me long enough to familiarize myself with just the basic functions so---well you get the picture. As long as I can talk, text, take pictures, check my emails and a few other functions, I am happy. Hell, a few years ago it was just the first two!
I do not want or need a top of the line phone, so how about you respond with some ideas. IN New Zealand, phones are not cheap, although they have gone down in price. Being a small market is a factor in pricing in NZ.
I saw a write up in the NZ Herald this morning about an LG phone—the L70 that looked good and seemed to have everything I wanted. It has a RRP of NZ$225---I can live with that and this tie I will not be persuaded to get a free one, no matter what the phi=one if that means going onto an expensive contract for two or more years. Last time I did that and never used the data that I received and paid for the phone several times over via the monthly bill. I want to have a cheap contract and from what I have seen, the amount of data etc. that I use should come in at about NZ$30 a month. At present I pay NZ$72 and I just don’t need that.
SO---I am ready to hear your suggestions. Am I on the right track re the LG L760?

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