Friday, October 30, 2015

Menage a trois. OMG what next!

I was feeling bit bored today, so I decided to indulge in a little 'titillation' of the senses. What to do to enhance my more 'creative,' yes possibly darker side? I could of course go online and look at things deemed not 'propa' from some people's point of view, but I was in a creative mood and felt that I needed something that gave back and could be enjoyed by a group. The plan: Sitting in my cupboards are some 'toys' that are not often used, well nowhere near enough to be labelled everyday items. Given that I have a few people over for dinner I decided on a multi-level experiential, imbibing of some good old favourites; something satisfying to the palate as well as stimulating the visual side of our brains. Into the dark cupboards I headed and came out with Air fryer, 'dessert' maker and on the outside---the BBQ. For t hose of you who were becoming a little over-excited---calm down and enjoy the journey! OK, I lied about the ménage a trois---I also had an old 'dominatrix' peep form the stove top and demand to have say----an old wok! I arranged them all in the kitchen bench and let them go at it. They boiled some chicken legs in a spicy mix (Damn the WOK is such a bitch when she has company!)and let it cool. The tender legs, minus the black laced stockings will then marinade in a yet to be decided invention. In the meantime I shall come to the help of Air Fryer--she just loves a tactile input! She says she wants to play with some potatoes! OH boy---now Dessert maker says she wants to play too. She asked that I cut up some bananas, strawberries and avocado, then squeeze a lemon to bind them all together and to keep them 'fresh.' After a sleep they can go into the freezer and finally Dessert Maker will do her thing and produce a wonderful cream. Just before my friends. MS BBQ has plans to deal to the chicken legs. Yes she will gently cook them to a 'gilded' crispy finish---bringing together the final stage of our ménage a trois evening. Such fun. Such fun! Who claimeth 'food is not sexy!'

Monday, October 26, 2015

$10m worth of class B drugs found in toys

The 'heading' says it all. That a drug can be smuggled into NZ in this manner must be cause for concern. Take this to the next level, with the advent of a plethora of new 'designer drugs' and you can see a future that leaves one wondering, just where we are heading. On Sunday morning eight young soldiers took a dangerous step by partaking in one of these 'new boys on the block,' drugs and ended up in hospital and probably facing the wraith of the courts and their bosses. Their futures in the 'services' are mostly likely about to be curtailed. We have seen what 'P' (Methamphetamine)can do in NZ society, our families, employment and business ruined and now we are under siege from these new drugs. Obviously whatever legislation that has been p[assed, is not working. Click on this link and download my take on how 'P' destroys a family. This could be in any neighbourhood in any town or city in NZ.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Where's the ANZAC spirit?!!!

I have observed a sad change in the relationship between New Zealand and Australia over the last decade or so. The claims that we are more than 'bother (and sisters) in arms, is now distorted by political reality, mainly that emanating from the other side of the 'ditch!' Sure there has always been a bot of the 'I'm the bigger brother' in this relationship and I guess, up to a point most NZers accept that, simply because as a nation, NZ is a great deal smaller in many ways. Our shared history since colonial times has been a close one; forged on battlefields and in a strong economic link, then add on the sporting relationship and you basically have the 'deal.' But now it all seems to be fading, re the actions of the Australian Government to lock NZers who have been living and working there for decades, out of many of the benefits that go with living in that country. These range from a raft of supports and benefits that NZ offers to Australians who chose to live here, without becoming citizens. OK, they have a point re their sending back to NZ, those who have transgressed the law, beyond a certain point, but to send a Kiwi back who has lived in Australia for many years is simply not good enough. Those people have few or no links with NZ anymore and it is inhumane to follow the pathway we are witnessing. I am NOT referring to criminals who have been there for less than 5 years and who chose to break the laws of Australia in a serious manner. I believe that the time has arrived, where by NZ replicates the actions of our Aussie cousin: yes---send back those who mirror the behaviours of those we are about to receive, cancel any benefits and support that Aussies have enacted upon our people. Lets have a level playing field. Why should we subsidise those Aussies who gain from living here, if the same 'helpful' hand is not extended to Kiwis living in Aussie. That is not being selfish or small-minded; it is not being reactionary--it is simply fair. OR---we go back to some real dialogue and restore what has always been a special relationship in every sense of the word. I far prefer the last scenario than the one I just proposed, whilst feeling let down by our special friends across the Tasman. Lets have some fairness and common sense. Lets face it---the grass is not always greener over in Aussie and many of them may one day become a little jaded in their feelings re the fires, the big climate changes coming their way and a gradual lessening of the 'dig the wealth from the ground,' answer to their economic future. They may WANT to come here!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Hey ---it's great to see Russia reading my blogs again.

I thought that Russia had gone from my readership base, then all of a sudden---you are back---big time; not like the hits from Israel that are in the fantasy league. Come on---when I see 2000 hits in one day from one country, I know something weird is happening. NO---Russia---you are most welcome. I hope you are also downloading my book, ROSKILL from my website. Maybe some of you have even been to the Frankfurt Book Fair and seen it there, last week. Good to see you back.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Israel at it again------1500 hits----not possible---what's going on. Come on, Google---sort it out please.

If the 1500 hits on my blog in one day from Israel were genuine, I would be happy, I suspect that they are not! I do not know what is happening. My blogs are pretty 'inconsequential' in the bigger scheme and I very rarely get more than 100 hits, spread across many countries in one day, so when I see the number I am seeing today, I have cause for concern. Is anyone out there in the 'blogosphere' or on FB have any light to shed on such 'events?' I wish the numbers coincided in a genuine way re the fact that ROSKILL is at the Frankfurt Book Fair over the next four days, but once again, I doubt that. I wonder what the purpose of the hits is. It's not as if my ramblings are read by many people, so I am hardly getting up the nose of Israel re any stance I may or may not have in regard to their actions in the region. I am not extreme re my views as to their actions: I try to see the bigger picture in that complicated mess! OK---maybe one of you can help me out here and inform me about what is possibly going on.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

BBC broadcasts from North Korea---under supervsison!

Today I watched a BBC 'clip' from a large military parade in North Korea, once which was closely supervised by the stooges of the Dear Leader. The commentary was noticeably 'laboured,' as if the reader was doing his utmost not to laugh. It was a dark comedy in a sense----well it would be, if it was not for the ramifications of a dangerously armed and led nation, that North Korea has become. One has to wonder what was going through the deluded mind of the short leader form the 'Hermit Kingdom,' whether he really is in touch with reality. His delusions are the rest of the worlds nightmare in the making. That he is in charge of a military machine that is increasingly capable of delivering cha0os o the region and beyond. That a high ranking Chinese Governmental figure was at the 'dear leader's side, is also worrying; perhaps the redeeming feature could be that China too is playing a dangerous game with its crazy neighbour. After all, China has to live with this 'infected' needle, always ready to jab at supposed enemies. What is also sad, is that so much of North Korea's economy is tied to the military machine, differing only from the USA in that its economy is 'sick. The later has a much bigger capacity to hide the effect of its military spending by somewhat smoothing the 'sufferings' (albeit it increasingly less generously) through a welfare system. North Korea's people do not have the backup of an economy that produces most of the goods and services that constitute basic needs. Take a look at the 'shots' coming from Pyongyang and observe closely the 'body language' of the leader. What is he thinking? Who does he imagine his enemies are--those from beyond the borders of his kingdom, or those within--those ready to step into his footsteps. They better move incredibly quickly or they will succumb to the fate of all the other imaginary enemies of the dear leader. Meanwhile, the 'parade' goes on--to show the world that North Korea and the boss are on track to 'rule the world.' Thank God, I can turn the TV off and forget about the images from the North!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Roskill burning and Australia 'iced over!'

What the hell is he going on about this time, you say. Maybe you used even stronger language. That's OK, I do---regularly. How are those two 'trends' even remotely linked? By radio reports of course. You see, I was driving sedately along the South west motorway, having spent a most satisfying day re some of my wonderful 'supervisee' clients. Perdy was in the car, as she had spent the day bat doggie care; hopefully she was not intent on repeating last night's fiasco! her 'escapology' skills must firmly remain in the past!!!! The radio was set on talkback and eventually the drivel gave way to the news. Firstly there was an item about a 'vegetation fire on Mt Roskill, barely a kl from where I live. I searched the horizon, but there was no sign of any conflagration. I assumed the 'services' had doused the said flames so there was no need for me to evacuate, unlike some of my country-persons in the far south, who had endured some nasty winds and scrub fires, threatening their homes. So we headed n home but before we arrived, we were alerted to another event--this time form our 'cousins' in Australia. It seems that a prominent Northern Territory politician was having problems with his son--whom he had evicted from the family home, because of the son's use of 'ice,' the substance we call 'P' in New Zealand. Just like in NZ, families are torn asunder by this insidious substance. Businesses are ruined and lives put on hold, while the battle to return to normality rages, if one chooses, that is. Therein there is an issue. Just like NZ, the will to put in the resources to fight this blight on society, is sadly missing the mark. Many of the programmes available are expensive and not publicly funded. The extent of the problem is huge. Hardly a town is free of 'P' or 'Ice.' It is my drive to find solutions that drove me to write ROSKILL, a story set in NZ, but replicated in both countries; a story of hope replacing hopelessness. We can do something, we can fight it, but we must invest in programmes to get our citizens off this terrible evil. Click on the kink below, which will take you directly to the Amazon download for the eBook version of ROSKILL. You can download the hard copy from my website, but it is expensive if you live outside the USA. For a cheaper deal, go to my email address and request a hardcopy for $22, posted anywhere in NZ.