Saturday, October 10, 2015

BBC broadcasts from North Korea---under supervsison!

Today I watched a BBC 'clip' from a large military parade in North Korea, once which was closely supervised by the stooges of the Dear Leader. The commentary was noticeably 'laboured,' as if the reader was doing his utmost not to laugh. It was a dark comedy in a sense----well it would be, if it was not for the ramifications of a dangerously armed and led nation, that North Korea has become. One has to wonder what was going through the deluded mind of the short leader form the 'Hermit Kingdom,' whether he really is in touch with reality. His delusions are the rest of the worlds nightmare in the making. That he is in charge of a military machine that is increasingly capable of delivering cha0os o the region and beyond. That a high ranking Chinese Governmental figure was at the 'dear leader's side, is also worrying; perhaps the redeeming feature could be that China too is playing a dangerous game with its crazy neighbour. After all, China has to live with this 'infected' needle, always ready to jab at supposed enemies. What is also sad, is that so much of North Korea's economy is tied to the military machine, differing only from the USA in that its economy is 'sick. The later has a much bigger capacity to hide the effect of its military spending by somewhat smoothing the 'sufferings' (albeit it increasingly less generously) through a welfare system. North Korea's people do not have the backup of an economy that produces most of the goods and services that constitute basic needs. Take a look at the 'shots' coming from Pyongyang and observe closely the 'body language' of the leader. What is he thinking? Who does he imagine his enemies are--those from beyond the borders of his kingdom, or those within--those ready to step into his footsteps. They better move incredibly quickly or they will succumb to the fate of all the other imaginary enemies of the dear leader. Meanwhile, the 'parade' goes on--to show the world that North Korea and the boss are on track to 'rule the world.' Thank God, I can turn the TV off and forget about the images from the North!

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