Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Israel at it again------1500 hits----not possible---what's going on. Come on, Google---sort it out please.

If the 1500 hits on my blog in one day from Israel were genuine, I would be happy, I suspect that they are not! I do not know what is happening. My blogs are pretty 'inconsequential' in the bigger scheme and I very rarely get more than 100 hits, spread across many countries in one day, so when I see the number I am seeing today, I have cause for concern. Is anyone out there in the 'blogosphere' or on FB have any light to shed on such 'events?' I wish the numbers coincided in a genuine way re the fact that ROSKILL is at the Frankfurt Book Fair over the next four days, but once again, I doubt that. I wonder what the purpose of the hits is. It's not as if my ramblings are read by many people, so I am hardly getting up the nose of Israel re any stance I may or may not have in regard to their actions in the region. I am not extreme re my views as to their actions: I try to see the bigger picture in that complicated mess! OK---maybe one of you can help me out here and inform me about what is possibly going on.

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