Monday, August 19, 2013

Apparently, this is what I ate for dinner tonight!

Silly question? Not really---the 'dogfruit' was delicious, cooked Indonesian style. I thought I was eating potatoes in a rich gravy. No, it was the vegetable described below. That is why I always eat first then ask what the hell it was later. If I had read the bottom part, maybe I would have had second thoughts. So far I am still alive. without complications. 

Archidendron pauciflorum, commonly known as Jengkol, Dogfruit, or Jering is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae, that is native to Southeast Asia. Despite its strong smell, the beans are a popular food in Indonesia, and also consumed in Malaysia (where they are known as jering), Myanmar (where they are called da nyin thee), and in Southern Thailand, where they are called luk-nieng or luk neang.[1] The large brown legumes are very popular and cooked as satay or curry, especially rendang, in Indonesia. In Burmese cuisine, the da nyin thee is either roasted or boiled, and often eaten along with a pickled fish sauce (Ngapi yay) on steamed rice.
The beans are mildly toxic due to the presence of djenkolic acid, an amino acid, which causes djenkolism (jengkol bean poisoning). Symptoms include spasmodic pain, gout, urinary obstruction, and acute renal failure.[2] The condition mainly affects men, and is not determined by how the beans are prepared. Individuals can consume the beans on multiple occasions without incident, to develop renal failure on another occasion.[3]

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The belt that wouldn't fit! Do I make two?

When I first started this downsizing ‘journey, I had one belt that fitted me. Indeed, every few months I had to add another hole to accommodate my ever-increasing girth. I won’t even try to describe how I felt at that time.
Now, nearly 5 months on, I am still adding holes to my belt(s) but at the other end. I suspect that I now have some belts that more holes than anyone else, catering for all possible sizes. I must make sure that they are donated to a ‘museum of dieting or downsizing’ as an example of ‘what was’ and ‘what can be.’ Of course, I am not on a diet as such and I am happily progressing with my new direction. We took the picture at work today and I came to the decision that just maybe, I should buy a trendy new belt.
Honestly, the belt almost goes around me twice now. I have started to settle on my new weight; one that is very OK for me. Having lost almost 40 kilos, I think I can now look to maintaining that and just increasing my fitness. I think that Party, my jack Russell will play a big part in that. Any regrets? Absolutely NOT!   

Let Mubarak back into the mix if you really wnat to see Egypt self-destruct!

If the powers that be (read, 'the military) release ex-President Mubarak, then all hell will break loose in Egypt. Is that what the present Governmnet wants; a complete breakdown in Egyptian sicieity, one that will allow the military to do as they wish, much like they did under former presidnets. All we need now, in my cynical opinion is for ther to be another Arab-Israeli war. Afterall, is this not about consolidating power, back into the hands of those who have always ruled in this ancient country. War is a tool that is age-old. Don't let this criminal out. Eygpt deserves so much more and I don't mean a 'Morsi!'

3 races and no real winner so far in America's Cup

What's thepoint of this fiasco? Three races and so far one of the boats has pulled out through gear failure. Bring back the good old days of old fashioned (yes, with state of the art technology!) boats. OH, drop the bullshit off the water though!