Sunday, November 17, 2013

Throw away the mess and---probably make another one!

Sometimes it is easy to let things 'build up' and before you know it, you feel like you are living in 'recycling-challenged ' environment. There is only one way to go----get in a bin and chuck stuff away. The end result? You get a whole new canvas to decorate. Now---where's that credit card---all that space just waiting for our attention. Check out the pictures and yes, that is a solar oven on the deck!
Out damned rubbish!
Where's all that 'stuff' gone?
All this space---A girl could get lost.
Yes, that is a solar oven on the table.

Members of Parliament must stop taking voters for a ride re their use of the system for personal gain.

Over the last few weeks we have heard of a worrying number of Members of Parliament who have been using the system to claim expenses or outright milking to get some sort of recompense. This has not been confined to one party; not just the National Party. We are also hearing of Labour Party MPs doing the same thing. If we dig deep enough I am sure the mud will stick to a large number of our elected representatives.
The public has had enough. It is not as if MPs are not paid enough. They should be setting an example and it is time that honest declarations of MPs finances are made. I know it has become slightly more difficult for them to abuse the system but these latest reports indicate that their needs to be yet more tightening.  I am not saying that MPS cannot have investments but if they are partially or fully funded by the tax payer, then that must stop. I bet there are some MPs out there who are running to their accountants in order to hide their spurious dealings. If they have nothing to hide (and there is only one way to assure that) then they have nothing to fear.
You will notice that I have not come out and pilloried one party in particular; that would be a stupid move that would only come back and bite me in the ‘proverbial.’ So, come on you lot---have a thought for the many NZers who are struggling on a daily basis.

Cynical move by the NZ Government in its plans to sell off 20% of Air New Zealand.

The New Zealand Government has known for quite some time that there is serious disquiet over its ‘Sell New Zealand Assets,’ campaign. The polls have consistently shown a large majority of New Zealanders are not happy with the mad rush to sell off ‘NZ.’ Now they plan to sell 20% of Air NZ just weeks before a ‘non-binding’ referendum on the larger issue of Sate asset sales. Why could they not wait so that they could have a better take on what NZers think about their plans? Are they so arrogant in their belief that ‘they’ know best about what direction NZ should take? Perhaps they are buoyed up by the fact that recent polls have not had their fortunes sink to the point that they will easily lose the upcoming general election in 2014 or is it more the point that they want to stamp their mark on NZ before the ship finally sinks re their own fortunes. Either way, their arrogance has been noted by many NZers; it is just a question of ‘how far can they push us.’
To those NZers who are thinking of buying a slice of Air New Zealand; perhaps they should look at the current share price. It is higher than it has been for quite a while. Is that not a warning that things can’t keep going up re airline share prices; especially re these shares. Very few airlines are making big profits and if the massive purchases that Middle Eastern airlines are making re new planes, and taking in the fact that Air NZ cannot match these huge moves, then is Air NZ hoping to play the game of ‘keeping up with the Jones?’ We cannot!
Oh well, I suppose we can always go down the same road as last time Air New Zealand was put up for sale. Air NZ will bottom out and the tax payer will once again come in and buy it all back for $1 like they did last time. Then we can ‘fix it’ and sell it again. Not such a bad move!  Yeah right!