Sunday, November 17, 2013

Members of Parliament must stop taking voters for a ride re their use of the system for personal gain.

Over the last few weeks we have heard of a worrying number of Members of Parliament who have been using the system to claim expenses or outright milking to get some sort of recompense. This has not been confined to one party; not just the National Party. We are also hearing of Labour Party MPs doing the same thing. If we dig deep enough I am sure the mud will stick to a large number of our elected representatives.
The public has had enough. It is not as if MPs are not paid enough. They should be setting an example and it is time that honest declarations of MPs finances are made. I know it has become slightly more difficult for them to abuse the system but these latest reports indicate that their needs to be yet more tightening.  I am not saying that MPS cannot have investments but if they are partially or fully funded by the tax payer, then that must stop. I bet there are some MPs out there who are running to their accountants in order to hide their spurious dealings. If they have nothing to hide (and there is only one way to assure that) then they have nothing to fear.
You will notice that I have not come out and pilloried one party in particular; that would be a stupid move that would only come back and bite me in the ‘proverbial.’ So, come on you lot---have a thought for the many NZers who are struggling on a daily basis.

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