Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tofu---hate it or love it, but don't ignore it!---- A recipe that is very healthy and tasty.

But Tofu is tasteless you say and it is so hard to make it look good! Well, yes, I have to agree with you, but since I had my BS (that’s not what you think it is! –it’s Bariatric Surgery) I need to make sure that I eat a lot of protein, but within the amounts I can manage. So fish, lean meats, chicken and some dairy are right up there for me. Luckily, I can manage all of those food groups.
There are other ‘super-foods’ out there that meet my needs too, including Quinoa and tofu. Today I shall give you a really tasty and healthy tofu recipe. It is an omelette.
Prepare the eggs. We used three eggs, whipped up with salt, pepper and some chilli flakes and a little milk. (If you wish, you could use Soy) Chop up about two spring onions (Green onions with the green stalks, for those who call them by another name) and about 200gms of either soft or firm tofu. If you don’t want the tofu to break up, use the harder variety.
Heat up a pan with a little oil and when hot, fry the tofu and then add the eggs and spring onions. Cook it as you would an omelette. Slide it onto a place and share with your best friend. Feel free to add other variations, like red and green peppers, garlic---the worlds your oyster with this dish. Healthy and tasty and an end to—‘I don’t like tofu!’

Trust me, it's really tatsy!

Being an 'older coffee drinker,' is just dandy!

According to a recent study, there is a link between an increased likelihood of dying if you are under 55 and drink more than 28 cups of coffee a week. The links are tenuous and the reasons are a bit ‘hidden’ but as with all ‘research,’ one can read into the figures anything they wish.
I therefore choose to carry on drinking my favourite beverage and may also increase the rate given that I am immune from any possibility of dying from the beautiful liquid. I wonder if I can get coffee free when I receive my Gold Card in a couple of years. Oh well, maybe I can travel to Waiheke island free and purchase the ‘under 55 year threat to life.’ Damn, I feel good! Anyone taking my blog too seriously should consider upping their coffee intake. (But not if you are under 55)

Bloody useless courier delivery firms! Why can't they THINK?

As an increasing number of people consider shopping online and some coming to the conclusion that it is not for them, others, like me are turning to letting the 'fingers do the shopping.' OK, perhaps that is kicking local businesses in the guts; I concede that point. Not all the jobs are lost of course, because where some jobs disappear, others (but not always in NZ) are created. I shall leave that debate alone for the moment.
Lets assume  that you (and me) have decided to purchase items on the Net. Whether it is for our weekly shop at the supermarket or overseas sites for clothing, the goods are going to be delivered. This is where the trouble can start. Over the last month I have brought clothing, books and yes, a solar oven online. I have no complaints about anything I have brought, quality wise. My compliant is about the 'delivery' and the wider issue of when these deliveries occur.
On several occasion in the past month, I have not received the goods within what I consider a 'reasonable time.' By that I mean, if a delivery from the UK (the ASOS site) can arrive in just on a week, yet a NZ site takes ten days, 'something is rotten in the state of NZ!'
Not only can NZ sites be tardy re their deliveries (Hey--the ASOS delivery was even free--over a certain amount) but they delivered the goods to the wrong address.
Come on NZ 'sites.' Get your act together. OK, my address is 1/XXX but they delivered 'it' to A/XXXX. There is a difference and given that courier companies are the 'experts' re delivery, one should be able to assume that they know the difference or at least use their bloody eyes. It is only because my neighbours are honest that I received the said goods, late as they were.
My last point is in the nature of a helpful; suggestion; one that if followed through by an enterprising person as a new career or business opportunity, would be gratefully received by long suffering supporters of online purchases. WHY DONT THESE COMPANIES operate at night---yes----WHEN WE ARE HOME! Wouldn't  that suit some people, to work after hours, either as an extra job or as their primary employment, because that suits them too.
Am I missing something here?
I shall still continue to use the Net for my shopping but, please delivery people---get it right!