Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Being an 'older coffee drinker,' is just dandy!

According to a recent study, there is a link between an increased likelihood of dying if you are under 55 and drink more than 28 cups of coffee a week. The links are tenuous and the reasons are a bit ‘hidden’ but as with all ‘research,’ one can read into the figures anything they wish.
I therefore choose to carry on drinking my favourite beverage and may also increase the rate given that I am immune from any possibility of dying from the beautiful liquid. I wonder if I can get coffee free when I receive my Gold Card in a couple of years. Oh well, maybe I can travel to Waiheke island free and purchase the ‘under 55 year threat to life.’ Damn, I feel good! Anyone taking my blog too seriously should consider upping their coffee intake. (But not if you are under 55)

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