Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sorry--- I ate the picture!

What can I say---I ate the evidence---the picture of my wonderful early dinner. So what did this consist of? I arrived home after my walk with Perdy, fed her and delved into my freezer. Sitting near the back, hidden under other new purchases was a packet of (Doug and Jill---please fix up m spelling of this Waihi delicacy!)Pirogues. I can't be stuffed getting up off my butt to go and check out the packet because I am ensconced on my couch in a most contented manner with Perdy sleeping under my legs, watching Ireland putting up a bloody good stand against the West Indies in the Cricket World Cup. I 'toured' my garden, picking a tomato, some sorrel, a few silver beet leaves and some spinach. I grabbed some basil and celery leaves and took them inside. Once the pan was hot I threw in the Pirogues, mushrooms and the veggies and seasoned them with some slat pepper and a pinch or two of spices (A Moroccan mix)and let it all cook down. I grabbed some cream and stuck that in and turned the pan off, letting the dish come together. Cream--you say. Well for the small amount I used--don't get upset. For me, carbs are far worse and I needed a bit f a protein boost. Once it had cooled to warm, I poured it into a small plate and----yes---it was superb; as good as any restaurant and so cheap. Now----gooooooo Ireland. My meal was fit for a Leprechaun!

Shy (oops Sky!) City and Key get poked!

The last week or so has seen the PM of NZ and his mates in Sky City receive one big poke in the eye after another. We have the Iraq situation still bubbling away and don't be surprised if there is a back down on that one, albeit it less likely. What is different about the SC fiasco is the sheer arrogance of Key and his friends; that they thought this would go through, more or less smoothly like some of their past exploits. The difference this time was that the ‘left’ were not LEFT of their own, to fight what often is a rear guard action by those trying to keep some of the worst aspects of cronyism out of New Zealand. It has been a losing battle as assets, union /worker right and conditions are gradually eroded. Often this can be put down to the apathy of Kiwis but this time---along came the RIGHT. Some of them came out batting for the same cause, using words that we have not heard for quite some time. Whether their motives are exactly the same will be a point for debate, but the result was the same: the Government and their friends in Sky City got whacked for six. The public’s response was huge and once the likes of the Business sector, mainly in Auckland came aboard, the writing was on the wall and even Key could not ignore the hails of united protest. Sure, they have come out trying to make their words all sound good and are still attempting to polish their tarnished silver tongues, but a defeat it is! Expect some more sneaky moves from both parties as they sneak back into their caves to plan a rescue. These people do not just drop their nasty takeover plans and they will no doubt focussing on limiting the damage. Take a look at their ‘body language’ as they are interviewed. It is also the start of NZers believing that they can force change. Now we need to ‘own’ that we can ‘win’ on other battlefields, but please, let’s make those in NZ, for NZ and by NZers! That damn Trade deal should be the next major goal for the newly rejuvenated opposition to Key and his mates.