Friday, June 15, 2012

John and Winston--- an unholy allaince in 2014!

Watch out for an unholy alliance between John and Winston in the 2014 election. We all know how John stakes his political life on ‘not’ entering into any agreement that would raise the age for entitlement to superannuation beyond 65. It is a fiscally stupid stand to take in light of how the age of NZers is ever increasing and the bubble of ‘oldies’ coming through is simply too big for us to expect tax payers to finance them (us).
Whilst I do have some sympathy for groups within our population to receive the payment earlier, I am not in favour of sticking our collective heads in the sand and ignoring this bourgeoning problem. We must enter into a dialogue, devoid of politics and make the changes now and while we are at it, make payments into Kiwi Saver compulsory at a much higher rate than we now contribute.
I hate to say it, but our Aussie friends have bitten the bullet and made these changes. We call them the ‘lucky country,’ but they are showing us the way to not rely on luck in matters pertaining to retirement and allowances.
Get real NZ politicians and take up the challenge.

The Super-rich pay an extra $500- -I cry for them not!

The news today that the IRD (Inland Revenue department) has charged the super-rich in NZ $500 is interesting. ‘Charged---shouldn’t they have paid what they were due to pay? Will we hear them crying out in fiscal pain? Don’t be silly. They and their accountants will already be appealing, moving their funds offshore, accompanied by their protestations of innocence and that ‘yet again we are exhibiting a ‘tall poppy syndrome’ and that we ‘are driving much needed investment funds’ offshore sop that another economy will benefit.’
Oh come on. You already have heaps of schemes and subsidies to help you maintain your position. Yes you pay tax, but if you have that mentality that doesn’t give a stuff for the rest of us then---go. You have choices which the vast bulk of NZers do not have other than moving across the Tasman in  the hope that ‘things will be better.’
I must of course say that there are many wealthy NZers who pay their dues and contribute hugely and mostly senility to the NZ economy and to good causes. Hey--- you can stay! My words are not meant for you.
The level of abuse that some of our super-rich indulge in at the expense of the rest of us are many. They have ways of avoiding tax in spurious ways. Even the present Government is trying to pull back those areas in which they operate. Generally, however, the Government would wish to ‘not ruffle the feathers’ of those who can tribute much to the coffers of the National Party. This latest move would be one in which they can hide their real intent--- to keep their mates happy.
OH--- you better expect an attack on the ‘powers of the unions’ in the next few weeks. After all, we ‘can’t have unions selling their labours’ in order to grind out a living--- one that is oh so different to the ‘fat boys.’

Sign away our independence National---Crazy!

We now have the probability of our Government signing away our powers to make decisions that are in the best interest of NZ. I am talking about the agreement the Government is about to enter into that gives huge corporations the power to sue the NZ Government if our laws transgress these companies’ rights to trade as they wish in NZ, without regard to the overall wellbeing of New Zealanders.
Of course the first case will be the laws that we are proposing about labelling on cigarette packets. It is our right to make SUCH LAWS AS WE TRY TO LESSEN THE RESULTS OF SMOKING ON THE HEALTH OF NZERS. How dare these huge companies try to influence the policies we make. Imagine if they had tried such policies when NZ decided to go nuclear free. We could have folded!
I am appalled that President Obama is going along with this. He has lost my trust and the sad thing is that his opposition is even worse. My faith in him is severely dented. I know that my friends in the USA are also pissed off with him over this. I suspect the same rules will apply to you too.
This law will go through and the implications for other aspects of our ‘independence’ will also be challenged over the coming years.
For NZ to agree to these proposals, all in the name of a ‘Free Trade‘ agreement between NZ and the USA is tantamount to throwing away our sovereign rite to make our own decisions.. I say--- stuff it.
I also suggest that perhaps we will be pressured by other large trading partners with much the same result---e.g. --- China. It seems that being a small player in the world means that we will receive these timely reminders about our ‘real place’ in the world order--- a small nation at the bottom of the Pacific. Sad but true.

Russia--- where have you gone

I have had no readers from Russia all week. Maybe there were just a few and they hit the site multiple times or maybe it is summer there now and they have wonderful things to do other than reading. I don't think I said anything too challenging to put them off! Oh well-- come back when you are ready. One of my friends did suggest that maybe it was lovely Russina women reading and they suddnely relaized that I play for the 'other team.' Oh damn--- that statment may unleash applications from the alternate players.