Friday, June 15, 2012

John and Winston--- an unholy allaince in 2014!

Watch out for an unholy alliance between John and Winston in the 2014 election. We all know how John stakes his political life on ‘not’ entering into any agreement that would raise the age for entitlement to superannuation beyond 65. It is a fiscally stupid stand to take in light of how the age of NZers is ever increasing and the bubble of ‘oldies’ coming through is simply too big for us to expect tax payers to finance them (us).
Whilst I do have some sympathy for groups within our population to receive the payment earlier, I am not in favour of sticking our collective heads in the sand and ignoring this bourgeoning problem. We must enter into a dialogue, devoid of politics and make the changes now and while we are at it, make payments into Kiwi Saver compulsory at a much higher rate than we now contribute.
I hate to say it, but our Aussie friends have bitten the bullet and made these changes. We call them the ‘lucky country,’ but they are showing us the way to not rely on luck in matters pertaining to retirement and allowances.
Get real NZ politicians and take up the challenge.

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