Friday, June 15, 2012

Sign away our independence National---Crazy!

We now have the probability of our Government signing away our powers to make decisions that are in the best interest of NZ. I am talking about the agreement the Government is about to enter into that gives huge corporations the power to sue the NZ Government if our laws transgress these companies’ rights to trade as they wish in NZ, without regard to the overall wellbeing of New Zealanders.
Of course the first case will be the laws that we are proposing about labelling on cigarette packets. It is our right to make SUCH LAWS AS WE TRY TO LESSEN THE RESULTS OF SMOKING ON THE HEALTH OF NZERS. How dare these huge companies try to influence the policies we make. Imagine if they had tried such policies when NZ decided to go nuclear free. We could have folded!
I am appalled that President Obama is going along with this. He has lost my trust and the sad thing is that his opposition is even worse. My faith in him is severely dented. I know that my friends in the USA are also pissed off with him over this. I suspect the same rules will apply to you too.
This law will go through and the implications for other aspects of our ‘independence’ will also be challenged over the coming years.
For NZ to agree to these proposals, all in the name of a ‘Free Trade‘ agreement between NZ and the USA is tantamount to throwing away our sovereign rite to make our own decisions.. I say--- stuff it.
I also suggest that perhaps we will be pressured by other large trading partners with much the same result---e.g. --- China. It seems that being a small player in the world means that we will receive these timely reminders about our ‘real place’ in the world order--- a small nation at the bottom of the Pacific. Sad but true.

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