Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 9 on Optifast and pre-surgery

The first 5 days were ‘shite’ for me in every sense of the word, but things have changed massively. I have lost nearly 8 kgs in 9 days, way too much I would have thought. I know I hated the soups so I didn’t use them and after a few adjustments to my programme, I am completely on track. What is more, I am feeling great; lighter on my feet and energy to boot. My walks with Perdy down at the ‘Bay’ are more enjoyable, even in 25C.

I have taken an interest in making my vegetable allowance (2 cups a day of non-starchy veggies) as creative as possible. For example, tonight I steamed a bag of spinach, with capsicums, mushrooms and added garum masala, garlic, chilli, salt and pepper. I let it cool then enjoyed the water that was left in the pot. This way, I used my ‘obsession’ with food to work in my favour.

I have even played around with the shakes, to make them more interesting. One beauty was adding part of a nectarine to the mixture in my blender----wonderful. Another way of ‘fooling my system’ is to stick about 6 ice cubes in the blender and adding whatever flavour shake I wish and then letting the blender (you need a good one) do it ting. What comes out is something very much like ice-cream minus the calories.

I have just over three to go and I know that I am going to have some bad days, but so far I’m coping. This Saturday I am taking back the soups to the Pharmacy Direct shop in Northcote. They are very easy to deal with. I shall substitute the soups for bars and shakes.

I think the weight loss will stabilise soon. Hell, I can’t keep losing a kilo a day!


Jorge Bergoglio---will he make a difference?

The Catholic world has a new Pope, but in a great sense, that means the ‘World’ has a new Pope. What he says and the policies he peruses make a huge difference to the lives of many.
Jorge Bergoglio has been elected by the Conclave and he now heads a church in crisis. Many have left the church, particularly in Europe and the USA. Why is this so? Perhaps it is because many do not find the age-old traditions and head-in-the-sand approach applicable to their lives any more.
Will this Pope change that leakage and bring the millions back to the fold? If we look at his record in Argentina there are signs that he will achieve some change, but will he go far enough to reverse the position the Modern Catholic church finds itself in? Time will tell. In the meantime, may he have the strength to see the world as it really is; not from some antiquated and damaging manner that it is done so in the past.

Brazil---great to see you!

I am very happy to welcome the new reader(s) for Brazil. It just so happens that our Prime Minister has been visiting your great country. However, somehow I doubt that his  'Free Market/Capitalist poliicies will engender him to your President. Maybe she challenged him re his views that are starting to anger New Zealand voters, but then again, it was a meeting that had it main purpose as building the friendship and openning up new opportunities for trade and travel between  our two countries and even I wish him well in that.  There are mnay young Brazilains working in the New Zealand toursism industry and they seem to be very popular here. What we now need is some new immigrants from your country and hopefully they will bring the wonderful food that you are famous for, along with the misic and culture. Pass on my blogs to your friends and please visit my website to learn about the books I have written.