Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brazil---great to see you!

I am very happy to welcome the new reader(s) for Brazil. It just so happens that our Prime Minister has been visiting your great country. However, somehow I doubt that his  'Free Market/Capitalist poliicies will engender him to your President. Maybe she challenged him re his views that are starting to anger New Zealand voters, but then again, it was a meeting that had it main purpose as building the friendship and openning up new opportunities for trade and travel between  our two countries and even I wish him well in that.  There are mnay young Brazilains working in the New Zealand toursism industry and they seem to be very popular here. What we now need is some new immigrants from your country and hopefully they will bring the wonderful food that you are famous for, along with the misic and culture. Pass on my blogs to your friends and please visit my website to learn about the books I have written.

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