Tuesday, March 12, 2013

South Korea---how do you put up with your crazy neighbour?

I totally admire the people of South Korea, living as they do under the threat of a megalomaniac in the North. It seems that at any time he is capable of launching an attack form the North. His crazy daddy and grandfather did the same, only this time there is the threat of a nuclear attack.
It will be the ordinary people, on both sides of the border who will suffer the most. The world must wake up and intervene. The North grinds its people into mediaeval slavery. The money that could be spent on alleviating their position goes instead into the military and totally unnecessary weaponry. When after all has there been a threat from the south?
Be strong my Korean friends. Hopefully the UN will not forsake you. In the meantime, build your economy and keep making wonderful cars and electronics. I shall keep supporting you by driving a Hyundai, watching my big Samsung and using my Korean Laptop====oops I forgot my phone.

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