Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Optitrot----oops, Optifast--only 3 weeks to go!

I have received wonderful support from family and friends for my ‘journey to less is more’ and if it wasn’t for that, I may not have embarked on this topsy turvy task. My choices were clear though; do it or continue towards a destination that awaits us all, but not just yet!

Thus I began to take the Optifast as a necessary step in the preparation for surgery. One’s liver tends to be overlarge when you carry as much weight as I do, so it needs to be shrunk so that the operation is less dangerous. The task of rapid weight loss must be accompanied by the support of ‘professionals’ in the form of dieticians, pharmacists or doctors. I have the support of all, through the Auckland Weight Loss Clinic. (Google it if you wish). Do not do this on your own!

I have been on Optifast for 7 days now and the weight is falling away; 6 kilos to be exact. This is far more than expected and a little worrying given the side effects. (The clue is in the title of my blog!) My poor suffering system has had a real purge and only the ultimate goal of a healthier me and the support keeps me going. I have had some embarrassing moments and only my weird sense of humour allows me to seek out the next day’s challenge.

Today, a friend and colleague at work took me to the fridge and showed me what she now eats at work. She has lost a great deal of weight as a result of the surgery and I was totally surprised at what was in her lunch box; real food, consisting of items that I am craving right now. I will need to be patient, as her operation was at least 18 months ago. Just looking at that box inspired me and I remember some of the ‘chat’ on sites applicable to my journey had something to say that also inspired me.

‘Just see this month as a ‘food holiday’ and treat all the Optifast (etc.) as medicine that I have to take!

Oh yes, I am drinking lots of water.

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