Monday, March 11, 2013

North Korea---a rougue state led by the 'number three' despot in a row!

Whenever a leader from the trilogy of despotic and possibly mentally deranged leaders that North Korea has had to suffer on it since WW2, makes a statement the world one wonders how much is political showmanship, mainly for the consumption of the down trodden population, rather than words meant to be taken seriously. We have seen all three of the ‘dynastic ‘leader Family’ make over-the-top announcements, all of them threatening a terrible war on its southern (democratic) neighbour or the USA.
The latest pronouncements from North Korea do little to support a lasting peace in the region. Even its once strong ally, China has been showing a less tolerant response lately. For a while we thought that the ‘number three’ in a row despot, with his slightly more wider world view, would possibly travel a more rational journey as a the new ‘Dear Leader.’
Oh no, that was not to be so. Instead we are being treated to announcement after announcement, each of them more bizarre and bordering on the verge of insanity. Is that what we can expect form this new leader? ---- One possessed of an even greater megalomaniac personality than his Grandfather and Father?
What leader in his or her right mind would threaten a ‘pre-emptive nuclear strike on the world’s greatest military power, the USA? Yes, we know that North Korea has a few quite small nuclear weapons and a possible means of sending them the way of the USA, but the response from the USA would outweigh any political bargaining position the North Koreans could hope to achieve. Militarily it would be signing the death knoll of a nation; one whose people have had absolutely no say in any form on the direction their ‘Dear Leader’ has taken them.
The world as a ‘unity’ cannot stand by and watch this Leader and those behind them continue in this manner. China needs to step up more and the ally (so called) of this nation, namely Iran, must also be brought to the table. The peace of the region and indeed the world is seriously threatened by the rantings of a deranged fool. The time has come whereby the ‘capacity’ of North Korea to follow through on its threats to world peace is taken down, once and for all. This time, the USA must have the backing of the international community and all other political gaming put aside while the latter is achieved. Listen up, Russia and China and see the reality of this dangerous situation. In the end we are all losers if it is allowed to continue.

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