Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 6 on Optifast and Ive got 'Optitrots!'

Wow this stuff works---maybe too fast. I wore a shirt today and it wasn’t tight. Just a week ago it was very tight around my midriff, but now it fits quite nicely. I know I am losing weight very fast, if not too fast and that is possibly an issue.
I rang the suppliers for Optifast and explained some concerns I had. I am visiting the toilet an hour or so after every meal. I was informed that the bars and shakes can do this, but I should not be having this happening that much. I’m stuffed if I am going to eat the soup----it’s revolting and the supplier is going to swap them for the bars and shakes.
I was told by my dietician to keep trying for a few more days, and if I am still in my ‘state’ I can change to another product. I am loathe to do that because I spent a small fortune on the ‘product’ from Optifast. A nurse said I should use those replacement drinks you can take when you have had a prolonged bout of ‘toilet visiting.’ MMMM--- I think I better get back to my dietician if I don’t feel better soon.
Still, I am not about to give up. There’s too much at stake; the money I have spent and the goal I want to achieve---better health and a new life. In the meantime, hi ya Mr Toilet!

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