Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Launching 'Talk To Me'---online!

We are almost at the point of launching Talk To Me,' online. I want an event and this is what I have come up with. (Well my sister did, actually) I would love to have a picnic, down at the Bay where it all began. naturally, dogs will be welcome so the food part may have to be 'creative.' How about I publicize the 'event' once I have a date, organize a bit of food and maybe some sponsorship from one of the dog food giants! (Send this to anyone you think is 'connected.') I need some ideas to make it fun! I can see people coming, with their 'technology' to do a mass download. It is not a costly exercise. Downloads from Amazon are usually very cheap---like US$3 or so. Maybe someone can sing a song---lol----not me! Perdy of course (who stars in the book as SPOT!) HAS volunteered, that is if I can get her to stay in one place for more than a moment. It may not be possible for some to download at the park, but they can still be part of the fun and 'do it in the privacy of their own homes.' OK---Some people will want hard copy of 'Talk To Me, ' but that will happen at a later date. Please send me your ideas and perhaps indicate if you would like to attend such an event---even 'remotely---from afar---in another country. ANYTHING is possible now! Cheers Neil (and Perdy (SPOT!)