Thursday, August 16, 2012

Turn 'any' unused 'high value' State House into 2 or more!

If a ‘high value’ state house becomes vacant, for any reason, I believe we should sell it and use the proceeds to finance more state houses. I am not saying that we should move people out of existing homes, unless there is good reason; for example, tenants abusing, damaging or using the home for unlawful purposes (I leave you to decide that).
Oh yes, I can hear the cries of ‘no way!’ and I leave you to imagine other responses. The simple fact remains that if we have  homes owned by the State and they are over a certain value, then why not convert them into funds for building more homes so that that those in dire need of this most basic need are catered for.
I do not know how many homes would be in this category, but surely it is a no brainer--- just get on and do it, Minister of Housing,’ and the opposition from any party can pull their heads in. Unless you have seen the consequences of families living in unlined cold and damp garages, sending their kids to school (if they can) with poor health, then back off with your politically insensitive comments. We need more houses and all possibilities should be considered.
PS---‘High Value’ would depend on the city and area.

UK---let Assange leave!

The big boys are really turning out to be bullies again. This time it is the UK, no doubt being pressured by big brother USA and junior partner Sweden. Assange has really hit the spot with his activities and the exposure of truth has a significant price to pay. I am saddened by the UK’s response; that they refuse to let Assange leave the Ecuadorian Embassy without being arrested and extradited to Sweden.
From Sweden, Assange will be sent on to the USA where he could possibly face the death penalty. The embarrassment caused by Assange’s release of ‘sensitive’ material must have really got up the craw of the USA and the UK. Hell, he even let loose a few facts about NZ’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. I cannot think of a time when so much information was made public and for that I thank Assange.
This whole affair exposes lies that the UK and USA are any different from their nemesis in the form of Russia and China. It is time that they stopped crying out that that they represent the ‘free world,’ when if it obvious that the differences they espouse are only a matter of form rather than reality. Hopefully the NZ Government does not link in with the so-called freedom loving west. Somehow, I doubt it.