Sunday, July 17, 2016

On the 'Coast,'---I just can't do it!~------

I have tried so hard to make the transition from the madness of Auckland, but there are just some things that I can not do. It has taken me a while to get it---to realize that it is simply too much----to achieve the 'place' in my life where I can handle this serious issue---it jumps up on me all the time. I did not think that such manifestations of a life that was left behind in Auckland would creep up and affect me in this way---but it has.I guess---for some people---it would be too much and they would give in---but I thought I would give it one more try. Here's how it panned out today. While Rio was getting a hair-cut, I thought I would test yet again this strange phenomenon: just ONCE more. Perdy and I dropped Rio off in the main street and headed for the walk behind the field and the supermarket. My anxiety levels were bubbling away---gradually increasing. I was determined not to let the beast get to me---it bloody well did!'It's OK, Perdy,' I said, trying to make sure she didn't suffer from the 'spill-over' effect--you know---pick up on my anxiety! The first target approached; a dear old lady in one of those ubiquitous ride-on wheel chairs. 'Don't worry, Perdy---we will just ignore her and rush past her--no worries, eh!' Yeah right. No sooner had we approached within hailing range when the sweet old lady committed the sin of demanding an interaction of the non-Auckland category----you know---taking time to talk! 'Is she friendly?' she asked--then, 'May I touch her?' I looked at Perdy as if to say--'over to you little hairy friend.' Perdy sniffed and the lady was able to bend from the riding device, which as per usual, garnered my interest, in the admission that such a machine may well be part of my future, hopefully one that does not attract a fine like the one I received today for my excessive speed! Five minutes later, the gracious lady released us from her clutches and sent us on our way, having invited us to partake in similar meetings in the future. Two minutes later, then five after that, the experience was 'mirrored'---over and over again. Perdy seems to have accepted that 'this is life on the Coast,' suggesting to me that I better bloody well just get on with it and 'get in the groove re Coastal life.' This is what people do--and guess what---I give up and will just enjoy it. I love this slower pace and yes, I CAN DO IT. I suspect that I am not a shy ex-Aucklander! I was just hiding my shyness in the mangroves that flank the walkway. Yeah----I can do it and to hell with time!