Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kim Dotcom----It's time Kiwis took a good hard look at him!

WE read reports in the NZ Herald today about creditors wanting to be paid money they are owed by the ‘big man.’ They are reportedly annoyed that he continues to lo live in an opulent manner in huge mansion, yet they do not get paid. OK, people have money issues from time to time but usually they take steps to tone down their spending; not for example continuing to live like a king or an ‘oil prince.’ That is hardly apparent in KDC’s place, although who am I to know what drastic budgetary cuts he has made to his lifestyle---you know the scene, whereby he receive the silly politicians to his mansion to be served up the party-mood stuff and to have ‘conversations’ about where NZ is going with his ‘callers.’ Really---do you believe that this is so or is he just like some of his callers and playing his part in the game of survival?
New Zealanders from many sectors of society have put this man on a pedestal and claimed all sorts of visionary qualities for him, even to the point saying that he is NZ’s salvation.’
What a lot of rubbish. Can they not see beyond their immediate noses and look a bit deeper at what we ‘don’t know about him?’ Get real NZ and move on to your search for real politicians and ‘movers’ who can influence NZ on a ‘broad band’ of issues that matter, in the fields of education, health, creating jobs, boosting exports and looking at narrowing the gap between the rich and poor, because if we do not do the latter, we are sitting on a time bomb.
Your vision of who you think KDC is and what he can offer will vanish at the first sign that things ‘are not going his way.’ Now---go pull your heads out of the sand! The parties at the mansion are about to come to a screaming halt.