Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I am about to start the process re surgery

The waiting is almost over along with the non-diet foods. Yeah I k now, I have gone on about this for ages. My purpose in sharing this stuff is about getting people to focus on their health before it is too late, particularly males. How many ‘men’ do you know who actually go to the doctor for regular health checks.
I have done all that and embarked on numerous diets, only to put the weight back on and then some, so it’s the ‘knife’ for me. Actually it’s more like three small holes and an implement or two entering me while I am asleep and I wake up with a much reduced capacity to indulge my wildest gastric cravings. If I do the price will be swift and embarrassing. This process has meant a mind-shift about my future of gigantic proportions, except that the end result will be less about gigantic and more about a ‘new me.’
I am ready! My first date is with a psychologist next week. That will be an interesting experience for me, considering that’s the line of work I am employed in. Then it’s onto the Dietician who will walk me through the ‘restrictions’ and fluid diet that I must maintain for a month before surgery. If I don’t achieve the goals associated with that, all bets are off. Naturally I am determined to make that part work.
One more appointment after that--- with the surgeon and then I will take a month off to get with the new programme and recover from the surgery. That all should coincide with the school holidays so there is less need to eat into my sick leave.  Now it’s onwards and upwards to a better and healthier future.

Schools put 'tablets'on their 'to buy' list!

The gap between the ‘rich and poor’ cannot do anything but grow if the trend by some schools to put tablets on their stationary requirement list continues. Even in so-called middle decile schools, the burden on parents will be that one step too far. How then are those schools where simply getting the kids to have a breakfast in the morning going to cope?
We are going to have huge gaps between the schools in our nation. There is going to be a significantly large cohort missing out. There are no signs that the Government is going to step in and make a difference by providing free tablets and I am not even suggesting that it does.
I am questioning the need for tablets to be a compulsory part of a young person’s ‘tools for learning.’ There will be much debate but the bottom line is that we need our kids to be able to read and have good numeracy skills before we totally embrace other forms of ‘techno learning.’ Until we achieve that, all of the techno paraphernalia will be just that—an expensive add on. If our education system is changing so much that it requires these ‘tools’ then there needs to be a level playing field; one that gives all students equal access to those tools that are considered necessary for learning. The debate has a long way to go, but we cannot ignore it.
 I am just saying that---let’s work towards narrowing the gap.

I see a massive spike in the number of hits from the USA!

For quite some time the USA has been the country that hits my bloggs the most; this in spite of the fact that I writem in New Zealand, a country of little matter to the USA. Don't get me worng; I am most pleased to see those numbers. It's a pity that Google banned me from the ADsense site because 'friends' thought they were helping me out by clicking on the adveerts. I may have inadvertently encouraged this and with all things, there are 'consequences.' Oh well-- such is life.
Another factor re my blogs is that I don't always go along with 'mainstream' thinking, especially in regard to many of the issues in the USA. Perhaps I am being read by those with alternate views about how things should be. Take the 'gun laws;' that is something I have been going on about for quite a few blogs becuase for the life of me, I can not et my head around why Americans love thiier guns so much. In the end I have decided that there are some issues that NZ and the USA take very different stands. Of course some would say that it is the USA's issue to handle and that the rest of the world should butt out. Well, it's not laike that folks. IF A NATION SETS ITSELF UP TO BE THE 'POLICEMAN OF THE WORLD, AND ONE THAT HAS PROFOUND INFLUENCE IN EVERY ASPECT OF LIFE IN SO MANY COUNTRIES, THEN THAT COUNTRY MUST EXPECT A 'REACTION' TO THAT WHICH GOES ON THE WITHIN IT'S BORDERS. Much  has been copied and envied about the USA and as such it's influence has held sway for a good deal of the last 100 years.
So---carry on reading my blogs, but I would love more feedback.
 Go well USA!