Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Schools put 'tablets'on their 'to buy' list!

The gap between the ‘rich and poor’ cannot do anything but grow if the trend by some schools to put tablets on their stationary requirement list continues. Even in so-called middle decile schools, the burden on parents will be that one step too far. How then are those schools where simply getting the kids to have a breakfast in the morning going to cope?
We are going to have huge gaps between the schools in our nation. There is going to be a significantly large cohort missing out. There are no signs that the Government is going to step in and make a difference by providing free tablets and I am not even suggesting that it does.
I am questioning the need for tablets to be a compulsory part of a young person’s ‘tools for learning.’ There will be much debate but the bottom line is that we need our kids to be able to read and have good numeracy skills before we totally embrace other forms of ‘techno learning.’ Until we achieve that, all of the techno paraphernalia will be just that—an expensive add on. If our education system is changing so much that it requires these ‘tools’ then there needs to be a level playing field; one that gives all students equal access to those tools that are considered necessary for learning. The debate has a long way to go, but we cannot ignore it.
 I am just saying that---let’s work towards narrowing the gap.

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