Saturday, April 4, 2015

If this was in the USA, the guy would be ---DEAD!

On the way through the town centre in Pukekohe today I was confronted with a scene that both scarred me and made me very angry. A young man was strolling across the street, pointing what looked like a hand gun--it could well have been a replica, a pellet shooting version; whatever it was, it looked real. His behaviour suggested that he had an attitude that added to the discomfort. I was not alone re my feelings; I observed a lady with a dog looking over her shoulders as she exited the area. What made it even more threatening was that he was pointing it at the shops---OK not at me or anyone that I could see, but God knows what he was doing or where he was going. Trailing behind him was a female. She seemed oblivious to the effect his actions were having, so I would out her in the same brainless space of mind! All this scenario needed and part of me wished it to be so, if not for the terrible possibilities, but for the safety of others, was for the polices to be called. The guy would then have been the centre of a police AD operation (Armed Defenders Squad)and they would not have mucked around. If he did not 'put down his weapon,' he was risking being shot. In the USA things would have moved far more quickly, depending on the State, of course. No doubt in Indiana, he would have been shot immediately, given their attitudes to anything that isn't white or a member of the 'establishment! Back to Pukekohe. I wonder now how this all worked out. I just hope I do not read of sad consequences re today's events. I wish the 'fool' would think about being so STUPID, leave the 'toy' or whatever it was at home. Things could have gone very wrong.