Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hell's Pizza, Beerescourt, Hamilton. Great for our familly reunion.

I had a great day in Hamilton, at our family reunion. We had decided that we wanted a hassle-free day so we chose some Hell's Pizza. We pre-ordered three gluten-free large pizzas. When I picked them up  the friendly manager threw in a complimentary gluten-free garlic bread. Sure Hell's pizzas are a bit more expensive than other outlets, but the product is damned good. (The gluten-free option is of course dearer) I thoroughly enjoyed my tiny serving but didn't feel I was missing out. Post bariatric surgery means that I can't eat much of anything, but the quality of the pizza made up for that. My family also enjoyed their pizzas.
Vinny, the manager made us feel welcome. We know where to get our pizzas in Hamilton now.
Good luck to my niece, Kendyl and her partner, Jason. Make the best of your big OE! Keep in touch,