Thursday, March 13, 2014

Freedom of the press is but a distant memory in Russia.

When the 'Iron Curtain' fell, a few decades ago, there was a brief periods when Russians were filled with hope. Since that time, the assets of the State were 'stolen' by the new oligarchs and ex-party functionaries, culminating in one of the biggest transfers of wealth in history. The new oligarchs also gradually stole freedom in all of its forms and now we have a situation, resembling all that was bad about the one that it purportedly replaced. Under Putin that process has accelerated, mainly because  the media that was free and could report on the processes by which Russia has transformed back to the same repressive and unequal society that once tried to 'fool the world' that all was good. Russians who disagree with the dishonesty and secrecy of their Government are doomed to be fired, excluded and imprisoned. Russia's destiny is once again in the hands of tyrants, led by the modern day Tsar, Putin, who poses as a Russian Nationalist, but is no better than Stalin or other despots from Russian history. I guess we can all look forward to the voice of RT (Russian TV) to spout nothing but the lies of the Government, as those few brave enough to stand up and state the truth, disappear from the airwaves, screens and print of Russia. Unless you are rich or bow down to the oligarchs, life is less than good for a growing number of Russians. History will eventually repeat and once again at some time in the future, Russians will wake up and bring about change. Until then, Russians will suffer and the only good will be the music, literature and poetry that such times stimulate, even if only for audiences outside Russia.