Sunday, January 6, 2013

Come on Mr Premier---let your people read my blogs!

Hey it's not like I am slating you very much; certainly no more that I do Mr Putin and the Americans. Hell, I even take the piss out of myself-----oops that means I am quite happy to take a 'swipe' at myself----oops I mean I am good at laughing at myself. Does that make you feel better? I have been giving the Americans hell about their stupid gun laws, as are many Americans. Yes, that's a huge difference between the USA (and many other countries)---we can criticise our leaders, openly and not worry too much about 'consequences.' Now, please believe me when I say I admire a great deal about China. I am very happy that a 'green movement,' is gathering momentum in China and that you are finally making real attempts to clean up your environment. After all, you are still on the 'catch-up road,' trying to improve the life of your citizens. So---let your people read my blogs and enter into a free debate about the issues facing us all. I really do want to visit China to see first hand the increadible progress China has made since The Peoples' Party came to power.

Dominion Rd is being touted as 'the culinary Street of New Zealand----really?

Give me a break. Yes it has many restaurants but to really be able to claim that label, I would say that 'diversity' should be a feature. OK, to be a little more kind I will say that there is a fantastic choice of Chinese restaurants and quite a few Thai ones, but apart from a few Indian establishments, the choice is not one that deserves the above label. I live on that Road and enjoy driving towards (or away from) the city, savouring all of the fantastic smells drifting through my open window. What I would like to see is the addition of more cultural experiences; for example: Mexican, Indonesian, Spanish, and Greek----get the idea I am trying to promote? Bring in those and then some and I will say that Dominion Rd can honestly say that it is the culinary capital of New Zealand streets. I look forward to that time so that I can add more restaurant to my favourite Chinese ones. I am sure the owners of the said restaurants would agree; that with more diversity on the DOM. they will stand out more!