Wednesday, May 7, 2014

China---do you like New Zealand stories---the real ones, not the 100% pure stuff

To my many readers in China---if you want to read a real New Zealand story, not the glossy touristy ones, then go and check out my website and buy a copy of ROSKILL, my hard-hitting novel of what can happen when a family member enters the dark world of 'methamthetamine' (we call it 'P' in NZ). You can either buy my book via my website or through Amazon. Just search for ROSKILL BY NEIL COLEMAN. After next week you will be able to download the e-book version and if you buy a hard-copy you will get the e-book version free. Go to or to Amazon and do the search. I hope you enjoy my book and pass the links on to your friends. You can also go straight to the link
 Neil Coleman

ROSKILL is alive and well. Hard-copy available on Amazon.

Finally-----ROSKILL is available after a great deal of hard work from the team. It reads better, it feels better and it totally looks better. Now, I need you to buy it and later in the week to download it. If yu buy the hard-copy ($US 15) you will get the E-book version as well for free (After Friday). You can go to Amazon and search for the book (ROSKILL BY NEIL COLEMAN) or get it via my website  Just go to the 'book' page and you will see the link. Please review the book and pass the links on to your circles.  Thanks for your suppport. This time!

ROSKILL is live again--the new/improved edtion Use this link to Amazon

It has takne a while but Roskill is finally back in its much improved format. Just go to the link
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Boko Haram---what does it take to bring an end to their brutal actions?

Yet again, Boko Haram murder and plunder, this time in a village where many are dead and the village destroyed. Where is it in their book, the same one that most Muslims read, that justifies such actions? We know their position re females; one that is at odds with most Muslims, and we know that they hate any education for girls that is seen as anything approaching the ‘western model,’ but the hate, fear and murder that they inflict is totally beyond understanding. The Taliban have acted in similar ways but even they seem to be trying to present (unsuccessfully, so far) a more human side. Who is leading BH? What do they want?
Nigeria has acted slowly in response to the kidnapping of the girls three weeks ago and even now, that they have invited the USA to help (The UK has also offered to help) it may be too late to return the girls home to their families. Given the latest attack on a village, it appears that BH is intent on turning Nigeria into an ungovernable failed state. I very much doubt that the vast majority of Nigerians will accept that fate and they are letting their Government know. The world watches but it must act.