Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Boko Haram---what does it take to bring an end to their brutal actions?

Yet again, Boko Haram murder and plunder, this time in a village where many are dead and the village destroyed. Where is it in their book, the same one that most Muslims read, that justifies such actions? We know their position re females; one that is at odds with most Muslims, and we know that they hate any education for girls that is seen as anything approaching the ‘western model,’ but the hate, fear and murder that they inflict is totally beyond understanding. The Taliban have acted in similar ways but even they seem to be trying to present (unsuccessfully, so far) a more human side. Who is leading BH? What do they want?
Nigeria has acted slowly in response to the kidnapping of the girls three weeks ago and even now, that they have invited the USA to help (The UK has also offered to help) it may be too late to return the girls home to their families. Given the latest attack on a village, it appears that BH is intent on turning Nigeria into an ungovernable failed state. I very much doubt that the vast majority of Nigerians will accept that fate and they are letting their Government know. The world watches but it must act.

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