Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Update re treatment of the Indonesians on the Korean fishing boat

I was glad to see the reports on TV last night about how the Indonesian fishermen, working on a South Korean fishing boat were finally getting some compensation, albeit still not enough to make up for what they have been through. They were badly treated and grossly underpaid, but they have now received some recompense.
I do not know how their families have coped without a regular pay being sent back to them. It took the intervention of New Zealand authorities to bring this matter closer to a fair settlement. However, these workers are still out of pocket. I do not want to see foreign owned fishing companies, working in our waters and not paying their crews the legal wage. Hopefully the owners will receive a huge fine to make them comply with decent standards in the future. Go well, Indonesian workers. You deserve better.

Holiday reading---'Talk To Me,' my latest book

It's arrived and ready to ship to you. You can buy 'Talk To Me' either from my webiste, or direct by contacting me at (get a discount) or through If you really don't want pay any money then go to your library and request it. Maybe they will purchase it for the library and you get it free then. Just don't forget to take it back!
'Talk To Me' by Neil Coleman  ISBN 978-0-473-20842-4

What happens when a radio station wants to boost its ratings by using a criminal to harrass one of its talkback hosts? Garry, the host becomes the target and his dog, Spot is caught up in the crazy plot. The crininal soon takes actions not sanctioned by his 'minders' and the 'dog-walkers' respond with a plan of their own. 'Talk To Me is a take-the-piss swipe at talkback radio, sometimes dark and a little bit unPC. Make up your own mind!

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Julia Gillard--- a real leader!

I have decided that Julia Gillard has all that it takes to be an iconic leader. I really felt for her when that twat of a radio jockey made those cruel comments about her after the death of her dear father. She conducted herself with dignity throughout those difficult days and the only loser will be he who uttered such insensitive words.
I admire Julia for many other reasons; namely her ability to hold her Government together despite challenges that would have ‘floored’ a lesser person. She is the queen of the parlour for sure. One cannot help but make comparisons between her and our ex-PM, Helen Clark. I often wonder how the two would have interacted, both being ‘strong minded’ individuals.
I also compare Julia to our PM, Key. The differences are like the Red Sea without a Moses to create a bridge. They are very different people and that in itself is not such a bad thing; it is in how they inspire the direction of their respective nations. It is how they create a vision and then act on it for their countries. Julia wins hands down on both fronts.
I think the real differences can be summed up in how Gillard reaches out in order to connect with Australia. Take for instance the special Peoples’ meetings she is holding at the moment, the latest being in Launceston in Tasmania. I had the privilege to watch her last night on TV, live. Most of her Cabinet Ministers were present and Julia took questions from the floor. There is no doubt that she connected with those present and when she needed support for a particular question, she called on her Ministers to answer. I just cannot summon up a scenario where Key should act in such a knowledgeable and connective manner.
I have been impressed with the ‘other’ side of Julia lately. She is not the hard ice queen that the media has loved to portray. The human side has finally come to the fore. Last night was yet one more example. Julia responded with dignity to the elderly man who reassured her about how most people saw her and the special place she holds her father in her heart. We saw a genuine and warm lady.
For those Australians who do not see things in quite the same way I have presented, I say--- that’s OK--- We shall swap leaders!