Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Holiday reading---'Talk To Me,' my latest book

It's arrived and ready to ship to you. You can buy 'Talk To Me' either from my webiste, or direct by contacting me at (get a discount) or through If you really don't want pay any money then go to your library and request it. Maybe they will purchase it for the library and you get it free then. Just don't forget to take it back!
'Talk To Me' by Neil Coleman  ISBN 978-0-473-20842-4

What happens when a radio station wants to boost its ratings by using a criminal to harrass one of its talkback hosts? Garry, the host becomes the target and his dog, Spot is caught up in the crazy plot. The crininal soon takes actions not sanctioned by his 'minders' and the 'dog-walkers' respond with a plan of their own. 'Talk To Me is a take-the-piss swipe at talkback radio, sometimes dark and a little bit unPC. Make up your own mind!

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