Monday, October 20, 2014

Don't eat that chocolate-coated ice-cream on a stick whilst wearing your ball gown!

OK, I haven't worn a ball gown---yet, but if I did, I would not attempt to eat a chocolate-coated ice-cream on a stick! Why not? Well have you ever eaten one and not lost part of it to the floor or the footpath? Some brands are worse than others. You rip the packet open, anticipating the first delectable bite of the treasure within and just as you open your mouth, a flake of the outside coasting falls away. If no one's looking you may consider picking up the bit but usually you have to walk on, before the next bite causes another avalanche of chocolate wonderfulness! Damn---what a loss. Why does this happen? Unless you are at home, with no one looking, with a plate held strategically under your ice-cream, then be prepared to lose a significant portion of your ice-cream on a stick. Maybe there are some that don't do this--tell me about them. Maybe they use some terribly dangerous chemical to make the chocolate adhere to the ice-cream beneath the surface, so that's out as far as I am concerned, but I am sick of picking bits of chocolate coating off my lap or worse, my nice new shirt! I think now that New Zealand has a 'temporary ' seat on the UN Security Council, we should push for a world-wide solution to this vexing issue. The world will be a far better place and it's citizens far more content if a solution is found! Hell, if you are trying to read ROSKILL, my book, you don't need bits of chocolate falling and staining the pristine pages, or the screen of your Kindle!

Magnificent tofu with mince and aubergine! --Yes Airfryer helped too!

I arrived home after a ---well---- busy day at school! I needed a good walk with Perdy down at the Bay.' I was overcome with the need to create something special for dinner and have left-overs for tomorrow night and for lunch. This is what I came up with. I do need to say that nothing detracts from the wonderful meals I have with Doug after our walks on Friday afternoons! I fried off an onion in a little oil with a bit of sesame oil for taste. I chucked in some mixed frozen vegetables. Then, in went the mince (you chose how much!)I added a packet of Magi Chow Mein mix. In the meantime I marinaded some tofu in a mixture of soy sauce and desiccated coconut. After the mince was cooked I added the tofu and gently cooked the mixture. The smell was incredible. I pretended I was in an exotic place, like Bali. I turned of the stove and got the Aubergine ready. I cut it up and tossed it in a plastic bag with salt pepper and dried mixed herbs. yes--you guessed it. I then stuck it in the Airfryer and cooked it. Wow what a combination. I didn't need rice or a carb! The meal was perfect--healthy and oh son tasty!