Monday, October 20, 2014

Magnificent tofu with mince and aubergine! --Yes Airfryer helped too!

I arrived home after a ---well---- busy day at school! I needed a good walk with Perdy down at the Bay.' I was overcome with the need to create something special for dinner and have left-overs for tomorrow night and for lunch. This is what I came up with. I do need to say that nothing detracts from the wonderful meals I have with Doug after our walks on Friday afternoons! I fried off an onion in a little oil with a bit of sesame oil for taste. I chucked in some mixed frozen vegetables. Then, in went the mince (you chose how much!)I added a packet of Magi Chow Mein mix. In the meantime I marinaded some tofu in a mixture of soy sauce and desiccated coconut. After the mince was cooked I added the tofu and gently cooked the mixture. The smell was incredible. I pretended I was in an exotic place, like Bali. I turned of the stove and got the Aubergine ready. I cut it up and tossed it in a plastic bag with salt pepper and dried mixed herbs. yes--you guessed it. I then stuck it in the Airfryer and cooked it. Wow what a combination. I didn't need rice or a carb! The meal was perfect--healthy and oh son tasty!

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