Thursday, September 5, 2013

China, Talk to me!

I do not know why I am seeing an increase in the numbers for China but I can say that I am very happy to see this. I owuld love it even more of you made some comments or contacted me through my website. Download my book, ROSKILL, my new Chinese friends and get a sense of the real New Zealand, not he 100% pure New Zealand image we push onto you. Of course I am not in any way saying that New Zealand does not produce clean and healthy food, but no one is perfect.
Keep reading my blogs and pass the above 'site' onto your friends and circles. Indeed if you do that enough, I shall even come and visit you one day. I very much want to see the Great Wall of China!

Kim DC may stand for Parliament and will probably get in along with a few 'coat-tail riders.'

For once, I am not joking when I say that Kim Dotcom will probably get into Parliament should he stand next year. Not only that, he will slide in with a few hangers-on, riding comfortably on his coat-tails.
Why do I say this? That’s easy. Just think--- how many young people and other techies simply sit around, playing their games, chatting to one another without ever meeting and generally staying away from the political process? Their world is one that a goodly number inhabit. I won’t stick a figure on it other than to say, that many of these people don’t even register to vote. Gather up the numbers behind KDC and you can see the potential for him to persuade a large number to get out and vote for him. Their reasoning to do so may be quite diverse but there is no doubt that KDC packs quite a punch with the said group.
Watch out for his campaign: it will be like no other and will sometimes go under the radar for conventional politics as we know it. Expect a Tsuanmi of support for KDC and if he can inspire these people and others, then don’t be surprised if he sweeps in with 5% plus of the votes. That after all is all he needs to do. If we think that Winston is the master of single issues, watch this space. IMG, if Key gets back in and KDC sits on the opposition benches, we are going to see some fireworks like no other we have ever seen. I suspect that Key will have a permanent blush as he hopelessly faces KDC in the chamber.
Politics is about ‘perception’ and KDC will bring a completely new level to Parliament; high or low? ---well that’s over to you.