Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Keybott----the special alliance between NZ and Australia.

< It seems that NZ and Australia often link re their special character---on the sports-fields and battlefields of the world and sometimes---politically. We both have leaders who have a vision of our collective futures that can only end in sadness and even bigger divides within our two great nations. Both leaders have their heads in the sand on so many important issues, not the least being those surrounding 'Climate Change.' Then we have the ever increasing divide between the wealthier elites at the top and the hugely increasing majority at the bottom of the economic pile. Both leaders have their hands deeply in the pockets of the 1%---that tiny group that transcends boundaries. They purport to care about the nations they lead, the people they represent, but do not listen when those people speak. They share an arrogance, that we have not seen matched in the politics of both countries for many years. NZ and Australia deserve so much better from their leaders. NZ---you have a chance this weekend to make a stand---against that other huge 'elephant in the room'---the TPPA. Let's get put on the streets and make a point. Let's make it a 'Hey Johnny and Tony---listen up!'

Australia, Aussie Aussie Aussie---what the hell!!!!

Why the weird intro? Why not. Since when did I worry about being a bit weird. The only real reason for actions----to make Aussie start reading my blogs and download my book, Roskill. I have been a bit 'strident' at times re some of the 'issues' between NZ and Aussie, mainly on the sporting field, but in reality that has been balanced out by the regular outpourings from me about the wonderful relationship that exists between the ANZAC nations. So---come on Aussie Aussie Aussie---get with the plan and hit me up. I promise to be NICE.