Monday, August 6, 2012

Syria is about to fall into the hands of extremist Islamists

Who is worse--- the Assad butchers or the fanatical Islamist/Al Qaeda backed terrorists? The only implication we can be sure of is that the people of Syria will suffer. Women will be denied an education and access to many employment opportunities. The ugly hand of Iran will be just as apparent as the economic conglomerates of the ‘West’ and its Russian/Chinese nemesis.
I hope I am just spouting meaningless and unfounded fears but I am deeply worried about the future of this war-ravaged nation. The moderate majority may not get a say as the present regime heads towards the abyss of history. Perhaps in the final shakedown a group will emerge that represents the wishes of most Syrians. In the meantime, a united UN is but a figment of my imagination.  

Mt Tongariro errupts---we are not called the 'shakey isles for nothing

New Zealand has been called ‘The Shakey Isles.’ The reason for this is that we lie on the Pacific ‘Rim of Fire, which means lots of earthquakes and sometimes, eruptions, much like Indonesia, but on a smaller scale.
Last night’s eruption of Mt Tongariro was a timely reminder that ‘mother nature’ is always willing to let us know that we are but a blimp on the face of the earth. No one has been hurt and so far tourists haven’t turned their backs on us. Indeed, if many of them, along with locals had their way, they would love to take a much closer look than the officials would like. I guess the same reasoning fuels those idiots who go down to the seashore when a Tsunami alert is put out.
Now we wait and watch to see if Tongariro is setting herself up for a major blast. It has happened in the past in this region and it will surely ensue again. Do we worry about such events in NZ? Of course we do but not at the expense of the enjoyment and love we have for this wonderful country. God’s own—yes, but with a price.

Please show me all of the so-called good Charter Schools, Mr Key and Co.

I am trying to find examples of 'good' Charter Schools, but I can't. I see plenty of reports of onces that have failed and lost thier 'Charter,' but still the Government persists in the notion that 'it knows best.' What a stupid watse of time and resources. Oh well, the truth will eventually be too much for them, but by then, so much in the way of 'resources will have flowed away from the schools that battle day after day to improve the life-chances for their students and the political games will have become 'just another passing phase.' I'ts a pity that the kids caught in the middle will be the real casualties. "play on Johnny, Banks and Co.

Pussy Riot charges are a travesty of justice!

Russia is in danger of being seen around the world as a state ‘returning to its bad old days, when freedom of expression was forbidden. That the Russian Orthodox Church supports the travesty of justice being enacted in a Russian court, probably with the blessing of Putin, just lends weight to my accusations.
I am not saying that I think that preforming their ‘act’ in a church was in particularly good tastes, but to have these three women in custody for so long and then have a judge who is obviously ‘playing the party line’ is a blast from the past that Russia does not need.
If Russia wants to be taken seriously as an emerging democratic nation, it has much work to do and many fences to mend. I hope that more ‘thinking’ forces in Russia are able to bring about the release of these women. The world is watching!