Monday, August 6, 2012

Syria is about to fall into the hands of extremist Islamists

Who is worse--- the Assad butchers or the fanatical Islamist/Al Qaeda backed terrorists? The only implication we can be sure of is that the people of Syria will suffer. Women will be denied an education and access to many employment opportunities. The ugly hand of Iran will be just as apparent as the economic conglomerates of the ‘West’ and its Russian/Chinese nemesis.
I hope I am just spouting meaningless and unfounded fears but I am deeply worried about the future of this war-ravaged nation. The moderate majority may not get a say as the present regime heads towards the abyss of history. Perhaps in the final shakedown a group will emerge that represents the wishes of most Syrians. In the meantime, a united UN is but a figment of my imagination.  

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