Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Are you considering Bariatric surgery?

Making the decision to go down the surgery pathway in order to lose weight is a momentous and should only be followed through after a great deal of thought and seeking out good advice. To have arrived at such a point in your life, means that you have tried everything, from failed diets right through to all of the accompanying health issues. These may include, diabetes (Type 2), high blood pressure, sleep apnoea, cholesterol issues, just to mention a few. If these 'affliction' have progressed, then you may also be facing other complications, all of which point to an early grave.
 Perhaps you have been enticed into the fitness and dieting industry which gathers in vast amounts of dollars from our pockets, only to fail yet again. You will most certainly have listened to nasty comments about your 'lack of will power' and possibly face discrimination re employment and even 'entry into' some night clubs. Thank God my age precluded me form then later.
Think of the 'unspoken words' you 'heard' as you entered a room. The one thing in your favour; especially in the USA, NZ and other Western nations--- you are fast becoming part of a significant minority. What to do then?
Most governments take the short  term view and play around with policies that may or may not address the issue of the 'fattening of their populace.' We hear talk of 'fat taxes,' and airlines wanting to charge overweight people more. We all know about the 'fast food crisis' and the looming financial drain that diabetes (Type 2) will become on our public health systems.
I support all moves that will get people to change their life styles, in order to avoid having to make the decision I did, and I strongly urge that young people are turned back to the past, re their food intake. I support  a return to eating more natural and unprocessed foods and turn away from those that have as their main ingredients, 'salt, fat and sugar.' These three culprits are the reason so many of us are fat.
But---- is Bariatric surgery' for you? Go check out the site that am benefiting so much form. No---- I did  not receive payment for writing this. Hell, I m ay even be in trouble for pushing it. But--- I can not speak highly enough of the support and professional, sensitive service I received. I know that the State pays for a small number of these procedures and that this is only for those under 50 who can display that they will benefit from the operation. Would it not be better to pay for more of this and look at the long term savings for the taxpayer. Surely a 'one-off' payment of around NZ$20,000 is a lot cheaper than the huge amount of money that will be needed to treat people on Dialysis and other expensive medical procedures?
Unfortunately, our politicians don't take the long term view.
Don't get me wrong here. I am NOT saying that Bariatric Surgery is a panacea for all people who are over weight. It is not an easy journey, but it is most certainly effective for some.
So---- go check out   the auklandweightlosssurgey site.

First Jackie Blue and now, possibly Tim Grosser!

What's happening with these high flying National MP's and in one case a Cabinet Minister? I know Labour had a few leave while in office, but two in quick succession seems to point that maybe 'the
chairs are being rearranged' on the Titanic.' From what I hear, the next two on the National list, don't do much for 'rejuvenating' Nationals 'list MPs in parliament.
John Key must be wondering who's next to 'jump ship.' Hell, at this rate he may have a complete turnover of his list MPs. I suppose he must be considering his list (and possibly electorate MPs) as now just being 'in training' for the real thing, because their tenure is becoming a 'limited time' thing.' Oh well, I guess you have to sort out your members one way or another and having part-term MP's system is as good as any. Deep down, Jonny boy is probably freaking out. That 'look' he has acquired of late, (causing some to wonder at his 'state of mind') will become a permanent part of his demeanour. Perhaps he is going to take us back to the Muldoon days, when reporters became the target for the latter's nasty attacks while the 'nation' begins to wish for an early election. The difference will be that John Key will be sober when he announces the date!

Going, going gone! Goddbye 100's and hello 90's.

No, this is not a sale unless you want to buy my 'fat.' Oohh, yuck, the very prospect dims my wits. Yes, I am happy to see it go and being in the nineties (Kilos) for the first time in about 6 years is a very satisfying place. I will now head for the 80's. The boring Optifast and enduring the operation seems very worthwhile this morning and I am surviving with my new regime quite happily. Hell, I am even going out for breakfast with my sister and Perdy. Perdy loves that because she knows that she will eat something from my already meagre 'breakfast.' She can have the bacon.
Yesterday the surgeon said I can introduce slowly, some more food options. That's great because I feel ready.
OK-----for the obligatory walk before we go and then another one later in the day after a nap.
Catch ya..