Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Jackie Blue and now, possibly Tim Grosser!

What's happening with these high flying National MP's and in one case a Cabinet Minister? I know Labour had a few leave while in office, but two in quick succession seems to point that maybe 'the
chairs are being rearranged' on the Titanic.' From what I hear, the next two on the National list, don't do much for 'rejuvenating' Nationals 'list MPs in parliament.
John Key must be wondering who's next to 'jump ship.' Hell, at this rate he may have a complete turnover of his list MPs. I suppose he must be considering his list (and possibly electorate MPs) as now just being 'in training' for the real thing, because their tenure is becoming a 'limited time' thing.' Oh well, I guess you have to sort out your members one way or another and having part-term MP's system is as good as any. Deep down, Jonny boy is probably freaking out. That 'look' he has acquired of late, (causing some to wonder at his 'state of mind') will become a permanent part of his demeanour. Perhaps he is going to take us back to the Muldoon days, when reporters became the target for the latter's nasty attacks while the 'nation' begins to wish for an early election. The difference will be that John Key will be sober when he announces the date!

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