Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Going, going gone! Goddbye 100's and hello 90's.

No, this is not a sale unless you want to buy my 'fat.' Oohh, yuck, the very prospect dims my wits. Yes, I am happy to see it go and being in the nineties (Kilos) for the first time in about 6 years is a very satisfying place. I will now head for the 80's. The boring Optifast and enduring the operation seems very worthwhile this morning and I am surviving with my new regime quite happily. Hell, I am even going out for breakfast with my sister and Perdy. Perdy loves that because she knows that she will eat something from my already meagre 'breakfast.' She can have the bacon.
Yesterday the surgeon said I can introduce slowly, some more food options. That's great because I feel ready.
OK-----for the obligatory walk before we go and then another one later in the day after a nap.
Catch ya..

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